Daily Archives: November 19, 2015

Read The Epics.

Reading the epics again and again
lends us not a tedium but a gain
the lessons that we come across
would stay us for long without a loss
epics are illustrative teachings
they are practically not a preaching
they tell us what not to do
doing would put you in a negative flow
they instruct us what to do
an execution would lead you to the glow
read and read with a renewed interest
many avenues would open at each behest.

Poesy On Wings.

It is poesy on wings
never at one place
could be seen here
could be seen there
could be seen everywhere
flies with a velocity
speaks with an intensity
exalts the spirit as it hovers
enhances the soul as it lingers
clambers with an excitement
revolves with an endowment
the poetry is musical
apparently a song rhythmical
rings in the ears for a moment
away it flies high in a movement
the song reverberates all through

The World Knows.

A strategy it is
a plan so subtle
a decision very impractical
being a proposition
with a move not straightforward
boosting the status sky high
talking of capacities that do not exist
has led to an incredible fiasco
finally an acceptance of the status
a reconciliation whatsoever
know where you stand
not where you imagine
know your actual worth
not the fanciful value
know your intellectual capacity
not the fictitious faculty
the world has eyes all through
could find your merit in no time
the people would stick a label
that be your intrinsic worth

The Viral Infection

The viral infection after a wet spell
takes its cue from the pollutants
spreads in leaps and bounds
each one being affected differently
the strain is stressful and bothersome
could see on cough and cuddle in the bed
the other sneeze and unable to lie down
whilst the third going through a breathlessness
confined to a sitting posture unable to move
the vomiting and indigestion follow
along with the gastrointestinal issues
the infection goes viral all in no time
compelling one to a difficulty unimaginable.

A Laboured Write.

A laboured write
written word by word
includes a search
could I call it a hunt
for a proper word
a watch over repetition
a scratch here and there
a scroll over the sequence
a to and fro verification
all would end up in a write
apparently beautiful and flawless
would lack the tempo and the flow
comes naturally with the spontaneous
the rhythm would seem interrupted
not all can write on the spot
a gift found in a chosen few.