Different Walks.

Into the woods

I fearfully walk.

Through the river

I joyfully swim.

Across the ocean

I sail with awe.

On to the mountains

I climb with efforts.

Into the life

I carefully look.







Chennai Floats

The rains around

 the waters abound
 no space in the ground
 flow to the sea.
With water everywhere
 no vehicles in the thoroughfare
 the city wears a look of bare
 feel we are nowhere.
The water floods with a force
 pushes in snakes in the course
people run about  in toes
know not where to go in a chose.
Thirteen days rain all though
 have happened in three months in lieu
 a havoc spreads all through
a disaster as seen in true.
Ten years once this happens
Chennai suffers never awakens
the governance does not hasten
accepts it without a chasten.

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My Bamboo Shades

The squirrel is determined

likes to take me for a ride

I am equally decided

wish to bait her by the side.


I keep my bamboo shades bamboo shadesrolled up  in the top

she builds her nest in between

I bring the blinds down  in a slot

she squeezes in all too lean.


The day I am saved

the squirrel leaves not for  ever

the next day I am tormented

it brings in twigs from all over.


I forget my bamboo shades for a day

lo! it is not so in a way

it has built a sturdy nest  all day

my blind is destroyed in a way.


The squirrel being so small

causes a botheration all through

never take the size in a call

as it would be a deceive in true.





A Sly Talk

The gossip runs long

never it is a song

it harps on slanders

always on a wander

talk the more in terms

talk the most in forms

their  place and belongings

go up in rankings

whilst others sink in deep

not possess enough  value to reap

a  gossip that ranges high

is but a reflection of a mind sly.fateswap__sly_by_highperformanceturtl-d5sklg6




Nothing Much

Nothing much to be seen

nothing much to be dreamed

nothing much in the plight

nothing much to view in sight

nothing much remains to work

nothing much stays to hook

so saying there is nothing much

let us go about as such.nothing much