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Unknown And Unforeseen —-Allegory

Likening to a thunder
came down a boulder
fell down with a noise
made things look like toys
men working ran away
apprehensive of the fall in a way
luckily none were too near
could save their life dear
the mishap caused a furore
the neighbours raised an uproar
nothing could have been done
as the prevention was all done
certain happenings could not be predicted
reasons could never be attributed
the case could be felt in life too
unknown and unforeseen take place true.phone pictures 5-19-2014 045

Ocean Of Wisdom

The water was flowing down the stone

so were the thoughts going down in a tone

the ripples caused a furore  in the swirl

the ideas brought in a fervour in the twirl

the water went up and down in force

the thoughts rose  high and low through the course

the tide ended into the ocean Ocean Of wisdomin the stage

the  reflections merged into wisdom  in a range.


The Wonder.

The wonder it is

archaic it looks

pillars tall and elegant

arches intrinsic and decorative

corridors large and wide

bays lively and big

the doors magnificent and majestic

the windows subtle and strong

all the adjectives go to make

no need more qualifying words

as the wonder I see with awe

stands out without any flaw

an architectural marvel in all

should be seen by all.Opera House



Good being in the nature

being so in the feature

hard to find in all creatures

a quality hard to reach

being easy to breach

easier to ditch

would cause no hitch

as it could  be stitched

mended  many a time almost

donned by everyone at the utmost

the goodness is wonderful innermost

not seen vibrant in the exterior

lights up and brightens the interior

well, it is a criteria all the way superior.goodness