Count The Stars—Allegory

Counting the stars

those in the sky

counting one by one

as  slowly  in a try

counting in a sequence

could be a plausible buy

counting at random

could be a difficult tie

yet I counted  them

as if I am  an astronomer

I counted them

committing not  a misnomer

I counted them

all the more longer

I counted them

with being almost a failure

a reason not to aspire beyond

as they elude like a mirage

a status  being too much high

as always away from the range

a desire too great  in proportion

being all the way an avarice  not strange.









The Journey Of Life —Allegory.

The morning rise

to a tranquility

could never be anymore

as the roads turn busy

before the sun could peep.


The afternoon siesta

to a sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads remain busy

spite of the scorching sun.



The evening walk

to tone up the physic

could never be anymore

as the roads are still busy

spite of the partial darkness.


The night slumber

to a fantastic sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads  continue to be busy

overwhelming the stillness around.


Not knowing what to do

and where to go

as it could never be anymore

the roads of life teem all through

letting out not a break in the journey



Unknown And Unforeseen —-Allegory

Likening to a thunder
came down a boulder
fell down with a noise
made things look like toys
men working ran away
apprehensive of the fall in a way
luckily none were too near
could save their life dear
the mishap caused a furore
the neighbours raised an uproar
nothing could have been done
as the prevention was all done
certain happenings could not be predicted
reasons could never be attributed
the case could be felt in life too
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Heard a cracking sound  a little before

It  was not a meagre one in the fore

being  a thunderous  noise  all above.

Deciphering from where it came  became slow

as it was hard to assess the  emanating blast

throwing all out of gear to a jump  fast

sealing every other thing to a deliberate  cast

as most got affected and could not last

the blow  which was a dangerous erupt

swallowed many in a gobble  disrupt

Does it sound a little allegorical?

It is a story not mainly  fictional

but that happened in the  world rational

where turmoil economical and political

gulp the innocent and ignorant in mouthful

ruining skype-interview-interrupted-by-gaza-bomb-blast-video--d4bfba93e7 the lives of the have-nots  in full

creating a strain  pleasantly doleful.














The Girl And Giant

Going by the words of a friend
she went along the way
finding nothing as prescribed
she went further away
as she could no longer get further
turned and met on the way
a giant looking man tall and stout
walking with a thud and a groan.
Fearing she hid behind a big tree.
The strong man came nearer and nearer
With her heart jumping out she stood motionless
hoping the man to cross over soon.
Lo! the man halted just by the tree
Looking around he took his axe
gave one fine blow on the huge tree.
Shrieking my friend came from the hiding
and ran as fast as she could
with the noise of the falling tree chasing her.
Till now none know why she ventured alone into forest?
The man big and huge could have caught her
but left her without doing any harm.
Nothing could be made out of this incident
It is but a strange scene me-in-a-giant-tree-photo_994622-770tallmight be an allegorical reference
as being led by falsities and encountering dangers.

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The Wish Of A Goldfish

goldfishSitting by the river.
Saw a gold-fish.
It bade me near
and expressed a wish

Startled to hear a goldfish speak.
I got down into the river.
The fish came up in a wink
and asked me to come closer.

Enamoured by its charm
I got closer and closer.
It took me by my arm
and looked at me like a lover.

Lovingly I held the fish
in my palm
Stuttering it spoke about its wish.
in a voice calm.

The speech was so low
I missed it mostly.
The fish jumped into the flow
disappearing completely.

What did it say? I think .
Would it have said anything worthy?
Unable to decipher, I blink.
Well, that is the end of the story.

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The Kite’s Flight- Allegory

It was a high-flying kite.

It glimmered in the sun-bright.

Carrying the colours red, blue and white,

It rose up and up to great heights.


The children cried in delight.

They were thrilled at the sight.

The kite  enacted a great fight.

It rose up and up to great heights.


The cord that held it extended right.

It, in its elongation, got tight.

The kite faltered in its flight.

Yet, it rose up an up to great heights.


The cord knotted itself in a bite.

The knots closed up to a strangling plight.

The kite made a descent slight.

Alas! it fell down and down from great heights.

Man’s ascent has a tremendous insight.

He muscles and manipulates to reach atop alright.

His movement  gets mulled at a point outright.

He tumbles down  to the ground  like the falling kite.


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Three Dimensions -Allegory of Life.

The mysticism of life is three-dimensional.

The  initiative lies in the creative  diagonal,

Birth is the first phase of the  conventional,

Bringing in a new face  to the  existential.



Care takes the next degree  of  surveillance,

Where  protection assumes the prior defense ,

As nourishment competes to darn the role of  sustenance,

Money lobbies to  ease up the  required perfect balance.



Death treads in unaware to conclude the deal,

Targeting the vulnerable to a closing seal,

Winding up the performance to a shocking feel.

Finally shutting  the doors  with a sad  feel.



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Pilgrims Progress-An Allegorical Satire

None  the less for religion

None the less for fear,

None the less for peace,

None the less for confidence

But to gain

The  pilgrims progress

Not for the sake of God,

Not for the sake of goals

Not for the sake of strength

Not for the sake of greatness

But to hoard

The  pilgrims progress

Not to uphold justice,

Not to initiate fairness,

Not to assert righteous,

Not to observe discipline

But to earn

The  pilgrims progress.

Not to pray,

Not to seek blessing,

Not to be forgiven,

Not to be impeccable

But  to amass

The pilgrims progress.

Never out of love,

Never out of kindness,

Never out of mercy,

But out of greed,

The Pilgrims progress

Ever the captivation  lures

Ever the attraction sustains.

Ever the radiance glows

It is ever  for money.

The Pilgrims progress

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A Feeble Cry

Getting into the dark,

emnates fear,

Ambushed in a trap,

emulates jeer

Pushed into a depth,

evolves trial

Lapsed into a fault,

edits  denial

Lulled into an onslaught,

eludes hope

Mangled into a  bony pack

ejects cope,


A  tightened ring,

An entwined  string,

A  fastened grip,

A straightened sling,

Entices a feeble cry.