Haiku Poem

Sonorous Gaeity

The Niagara falls

tumble with a sonorous gaiety

harsh in rhythmNiagara


Falls With A Tumult

The falls so awesome

the  water  in a tumble-down

comes from where no on knows

goes to where none other knows

say they it falls into lake Ontario

flows with  a mighty force

Could you call it a beauty?

Better fit it with an epithet

” incredible initiative” of Nature

absolute with exasperation

a scene that kindles an apprehension

clubbed with a deliberation

Oh! What could it be !

be the excitement in a way

engulfed by a shiver down the spine

Never once did I experience

a feel of exaltation near her

nor even a fascination around her

that could work an appreciation

Well, it provoked a sense of awe

a feel of scare with a withdrawal

a sense of thought about Nature

a  mother in all her pleasantness

a monster too in her fury

instil she a fear all the more

the strain I could perceive

as the Great Niagara falls

with a tumultuous disobedience.



The Falls.

The falls fell
over the rocks in tell
ringing like bellfalls.

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The Kite’s Flight- Allegory

It was a high-flying kite.

It glimmered in the sun-bright.

Carrying the colours red, blue and white,

It rose up and up to great heights.


The children cried in delight.

They were thrilled at the sight.

The kite  enacted a great fight.

It rose up and up to great heights.


The cord that held it extended right.

It, in its elongation, got tight.

The kite faltered in its flight.

Yet, it rose up an up to great heights.


The cord knotted itself in a bite.

The knots closed up to a strangling plight.

The kite made a descent slight.

Alas! it fell down and down from great heights.

Man’s ascent has a tremendous insight.

He muscles and manipulates to reach atop alright.

His movement  gets mulled at a point outright.

He tumbles down  to the ground  like the falling kite.