The Falls.

The falls fell
over the rocks in tell
ringing like bellfalls.


The hand That Rocks The Cradle.

The hand that rocks the cradle
does so with a love immense
singing a lullaby to the babe
putting him to sleep sound.

The rocking gives a movement
periodical oscillation .releasing
a modulation which prompts
a sleep sound and peaceful.

The hands do this with pleasure
as the little one settles down
halting its cry and whimper
to a restful sleep in tone.

The baby grows up gradually.
hearing the mother’s song
experiencing the to and fro move
becoming a full-fledged toddler.

The toddler grows into an adult
under his mother’s watchful eyes
relating each and every turn of events
to her in a beautiful narration.

With that the mother fondles
coaxes and cajoles her son
reprimands him when times come so
to a plausible admiring young man.

The promising young man
rises up in calibre netting
a resultant triumph achieving
trophies in his endeavours.

The children get going in life
with the mother’s backing
and the hand which rocked
starts ruling the world.hand rocks