The Journey Of Life —Allegory.

The morning rise

to a tranquility

could never be anymore

as the roads turn busy

before the sun could peep.


The afternoon siesta

to a sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads remain busy

spite of the scorching sun.



The evening walk

to tone up the physic

could never be anymore

as the roads are still busy

spite of the partial darkness.


The night slumber

to a fantastic sleep

could never be anymore

as the roads  continue to be busy

overwhelming the stillness around.


Not knowing what to do

and where to go

as it could never be anymore

the roads of life teem all through

letting out not a break in the journey


fathomless. Haiku Poetry

A Travel Less Travelled

Round and round

I go in concentric circles

an unending  travel.

Round and round

I go in a roundabout

a tiring journey

Round and round

I go through a monotony

a fathomless approach.

Round and round

I go  to a blind spot

a target unreachable.

Round and round

it is always in rounds

not one tangibleconcentric circles


The Purpose.

A travel so far

a trip across the globe

half a round  the hemisphere

from the east to the west

 all in a twenty-four hour time

different zones and timings

 a long sojourn  in a  place

upright and in a sit

with a sleep for a few

and a wake up for another

too exhaustive and extensive

a journey impressive in a way

with a feel of imagination

clad with love to see the son

who had moved away  a decade ago

his two little children hold a sway

 Well, an initiative  that dispelled 

the fatigue  in a stroke

a difference with an excellence 

that could be a most articulate

way of expression with full strength.

jet lag


Travel Symbolic

It being a long road
Very wide and broad
With nothing in between
No town or village seen
Going through it is an experience
Relieving the feelings tense
The length being not certain
The travel seems to have no pattern
With no place to stop over and rest
The drive grants a lively testtravel
The endurance works to a maximum
With the exhaustion making one dumb
The long journey does not seem to end
Lending a parallel to the life’s bend
That of going through the ordeals with belief
Hoping to come out with a blissful relief.
Well, the travel this way by a drive straight
Symbolically illustrates the life’s sail too, right!


Long To Be My Way

Nothing could be more tiring

being a continuous  journeytiring

travelling from place to place

with boarding in one place

and I living in another place

going from there to another country

there again from the destination

have to travel to my home town

another long drive turning hectic

pulling all my muscles and energy out

while my eyes droop throughout

my hand tired of carrying the baggage

while the legs pulling me all through

I cross the journey very frequently

that has transferred a strong feeling

that once  back home I never want to get out

sitting pretty at home like a recluse

and enjoying the comforts  with freedom

which I get once  in a way

which I long to be my way  all throughout.

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Is It Possible?

Put your  hands in the  glowing fire,

Place your  feet in the freezing ice,

 Relax yourself   over a bed of thorns,

 Walk  in ease through a slippery plain,

 Sit comfortably  on a heap of rubbish,

Eat with content   food without taste

 Drink fondly  a nectar bitter,

See lovingly a picture frightful.

Hear  unswervingly  a sound blaring,

Listen attentively  to talk senseless,

 Read intensely a story terrible,

Undertake  effortlessly a journey  tiring,

Is it possible?

Keep me Posted.




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Journeying Through

The prism of life does exhibit a galore,

Recalling the events of the past,

Refreshing the incidents of the present,

Forecasting the happenings of the future.

All in a picturesque tableau.



Browsing through the exhibits,

Which reflect the  experiences ,

Which talk about the activities,

Which predict the upcoming,

All in a gorgeous panorama.



A symbolic presentation is staged,

Signifying the  cross sections of life,

Exposing the network of society,

Impressing the designs of  strife,

Rehearsing the trends of  survival

 Finally enabling a journey through.