Antarctica Experience Poem

Antarctica Calls

With the sun at its peak
did not know wherein to sneak
as the electricity was erratic
causing a fatigue chaotic
rushed out to the portico
with a book on Antarctica.

Reading through found
that there was no bound
as the continent lay on ice
where sun is never on the rise
It is always bitter cold
and nothing is sold.

Reading further started to shiver
pulled the shirt in a quiver
as the narration headed towards
Eskimos made me move forward
settling in a posture of riding a sledge
pulled by the reindeer crossing the dredges.

They ate the meat raw and fresh
said the pages without a stress
which brought a distaste in the mouth
unbearable to brook turned South
to the region where sun shines
radiating heat across the lines.



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La Belle Dame Sans Expression

She lies in the bed with eyes wide open.

She lies there still but not for fun.

She lies motionless for hours in the run.


The Sun’s rays falls sharply on her eyes.

She lies frozen like a solid ice.

Is she real or a guise?


The noise around her is loud.

She lies undisturbed by the cloud.

She belies the spirit of the surround.


The day fades to a starry night.

She lies almost tight.

She presents an alarming sight.


The night sets in silently.

She makes no move relevantly.

Her posture calls for action immediately.


She rises from her bed in a sudden.

Smothers her dress of its crampled trend.

Walks up the aisle with hair done.


She leans over the rails.

She looks at the  night’s trails.

She fathoms  the dark sail.


She watches the vessel move.

She shuts her eyes in a disapprove.

Alas! her soul is entrapped in the groove.






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Is It Possible?

Put your  hands in the  glowing fire,

Place your  feet in the freezing ice,

 Relax yourself   over a bed of thorns,

 Walk  in ease through a slippery plain,

 Sit comfortably  on a heap of rubbish,

Eat with content   food without taste

 Drink fondly  a nectar bitter,

See lovingly a picture frightful.

Hear  unswervingly  a sound blaring,

Listen attentively  to talk senseless,

 Read intensely a story terrible,

Undertake  effortlessly a journey  tiring,

Is it possible?

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