The Old Man

An old man out there

 lives in despair 

 a king so long 

 committed actions wrong.


A rigid man without respite

fell a prey to a spite

knowing or unknowing right 

 now wallows in ignominy bright.


Thrown he now out of his fiefdom

 has become so inactive and dumb

looks he a puppet with a drum

 comical character of his erstwhile kingdom.


Childless he is,  this  wealthy man

adopted  a son from his own clan

 who hatched out a  clever plan

that entrapped the old man.


KnowsComic_Book_Guy_at_the_hospital not how to come out 

 the old lion seems worn out 

Would he regain his strength?-a doubt

worry his kin all throughout



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Man, Woman And Children.

What you said is bad ! Says the man

Your ways are always bad adds the man.

You have entrapped the family  shouts the man.

It has been so all these years screams the man.


It is my fate to listen to such invalid talks thinks the woman

It is the reward I get for my sacrifice bemoans  the woman.

It is a thankless job admits the woman.

“I have to pull along against odds “sobs the woman


She has been hearing all these for years together.

She has  endured it for the sake of her children  altogether.

She breaks down hopelessly when she hears the same from one of them rather.

True! Women  are faceless slaves in a way I gather.

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La Belle Dame Sans Expression

She lies in the bed with eyes wide open.

She lies there still but not for fun.

She lies motionless for hours in the run.


The Sun’s rays falls sharply on her eyes.

She lies frozen like a solid ice.

Is she real or a guise?


The noise around her is loud.

She lies undisturbed by the cloud.

She belies the spirit of the surround.


The day fades to a starry night.

She lies almost tight.

She presents an alarming sight.


The night sets in silently.

She makes no move relevantly.

Her posture calls for action immediately.


She rises from her bed in a sudden.

Smothers her dress of its crampled trend.

Walks up the aisle with hair done.


She leans over the rails.

She looks at the  night’s trails.

She fathoms  the dark sail.


She watches the vessel move.

She shuts her eyes in a disapprove.

Alas! her soul is entrapped in the groove.