Woe Filled Earth.

images (14)Drought and famine found  in certain places.

Floods and death seen  in other places

Any way there being tragedy in all places

Who is responsible for these phases?

You and I along with different faces

make this beautiful earth faceless.

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Man, Woman And Children.

What you said is bad ! Says the man

Your ways are always bad adds the man.

You have entrapped the family  shouts the man.

It has been so all these years screams the man.


It is my fate to listen to such invalid talks thinks the woman

It is the reward I get for my sacrifice bemoans  the woman.

It is a thankless job admits the woman.

“I have to pull along against odds “sobs the woman


She has been hearing all these for years together.

She has  endured it for the sake of her children  altogether.

She breaks down hopelessly when she hears the same from one of them rather.

True! Women  are faceless slaves in a way I gather.

Actions Hallucination thoughts turmoil

A Gory Idiom

Apparently it was a hallucination,

It came from nowhere,

It sounded hideous,

It shook the equanimity,

It became silent for a moment,

Deadly quiet and sullen,

The silence bore a distraction,

It was fearsome,

A croaking noise emanated,

Cracking the nerves and muscles,

It was a desolate voice,

Coming from a deep source,

Screeching shrill  and screaming,

Unravelling an abysmal  shout,

Sealing the mind to a gory idiom,

Devastating the life in all shades,

Alas! it tore the self into a faceless efficacy.