Serenity Settles.

It was eight in the morning
thought it was only six
as the morning was not as bright
as it usually is
with darkness still hanging
and a lovely breeze gently flowing
did not allow her to get up.
Stretching her arms long
and yawning widely
she cuddled herself in the bed
pulling her quilt over
No call awaiting her in the early hours
except a few business work
which would begin only after 10 a.m
she closing her eyes lay on her bed
for a while and then with great effort
got up to get herself ready
for the day in her own time.
Ageing gives certain comfort
and relaxation which otherwise
would have been stoutly opposed.
As we grow old our speed also
gets slowed down to a tone
where mellowing down to a
maturity and understanding
that develops into a patience
and tolerance and finally
into a serenityserenity..

Actions Hallucination thoughts turmoil

A Gory Idiom

Apparently it was a hallucination,

It came from nowhere,

It sounded hideous,

It shook the equanimity,

It became silent for a moment,

Deadly quiet and sullen,

The silence bore a distraction,

It was fearsome,

A croaking noise emanated,

Cracking the nerves and muscles,

It was a desolate voice,

Coming from a deep source,

Screeching shrill  and screaming,

Unravelling an abysmal  shout,

Sealing the mind to a gory idiom,

Devastating the life in all shades,

Alas! it tore the self into a faceless efficacy.


He and She Put together.

He has  developed a stigma strong to out beat,

 Of getting disarranged and panicky,

By issuing quick commands and  hurried tweets,

 Then  retreating to a  long soliloquy.


It  seems to be a motivation negative,

 He walks up and down in a mood  restless,

Infuriating every others in terms derogative

Indulging himself  in a created chaos nevertheless.


It has been so, for forty long years,

Losing equanimity  at the sight of guests,

Proposing an uneasiness loaded with fears,

Twined  up to end looking for the best.


He,  has been, all along reposing no confidence on others,

 Professes to carry a heavy responsibility  all alone,

Scrutinises in detail all from the covers,

But absolutely turns no stone.


Four decades of such precipitated movements,

Brings from the only onlooker a numbed reaction,

She goes about the way  with her own temperament,

Conducting the whole episode in a colourful  jubilation.