A Definition Extended,

A lively day with action

getting lot of reaction

multiplied in fraction

seen in  great faction

heard in   situation

fastened by traction

undergoing a deletion

finding no reason

withstanding  all treason

going ahead in fashion

reaching the culmination

with no obstruction

thus the day went by in precision

as the action came to a stop  with a fusion

where good and bad confront  in a notion

while great and small clash in a notation

as the valid and fake  pose a confrontation

the day came to a close away from the stipulated location.Good-and-Bad-Daiquiri-small












The Reach.

Reaching out to all 

should be everyone’s call

going by the natural fall

have to get into the interacting

with a lively and involved  reacting

getting straight into it without faltering

hastening to meet people in the run

moving close to them not for fun

but with an intention to turn

the society that has gone astray

has become unruly in a way

impeding the progress  in the fray

and suppressing the prosperity.

The reach here comes into the count

with the mission to dispel the stunt

saving society from the deadliest brunt.reach












He and She Put together.

He has  developed a stigma strong to out beat,

 Of getting disarranged and panicky,

By issuing quick commands and  hurried tweets,

 Then  retreating to a  long soliloquy.


It  seems to be a motivation negative,

 He walks up and down in a mood  restless,

Infuriating every others in terms derogative

Indulging himself  in a created chaos nevertheless.


It has been so, for forty long years,

Losing equanimity  at the sight of guests,

Proposing an uneasiness loaded with fears,

Twined  up to end looking for the best.


He,  has been, all along reposing no confidence on others,

 Professes to carry a heavy responsibility  all alone,

Scrutinises in detail all from the covers,

But absolutely turns no stone.


Four decades of such precipitated movements,

Brings from the only onlooker a numbed reaction,

She goes about the way  with her own temperament,

Conducting the whole episode in a colourful  jubilation.










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Strike Back

When someone provokes you,

Strike back.

When someone humiliates you,

Strike back.

When someone mocks at you ,

Strike back.

When someone scorns at you,

Strike back.

When someone cheats you,

Strike back.

When someone lets you down,

Strike back.

When someone speaks ill of you,

Strike back.

When someone talks at the back of you,

Strike back.

When someone bullies you,

Strike back.

When someone belies you,

Strike back.

When someone oppresses you,

Strike back.

When someone throws at you in rage,

Strike back.

If not , you will end up ,

In a tight spot.