Actions Poem


The bird flew in circles.
It went up and down
it was hovering high
then it descended low.

The bird then stooped down
and sulked on the ground.
Spread its feathers around.
Covering itself in the foreground.

It lay there still for a few minutes
shirking its feathers violently
it rose up in a momentous flight..
In a quick it flew away.

Turning around I saw another bird yonder
It lay still beaten to death by a passerby.
Having lost its companion the bird had
expressed its bereavement through its restlessness.


He and She Put together.

He has  developed a stigma strong to out beat,

 Of getting disarranged and panicky,

By issuing quick commands and  hurried tweets,

 Then  retreating to a  long soliloquy.


It  seems to be a motivation negative,

 He walks up and down in a mood  restless,

Infuriating every others in terms derogative

Indulging himself  in a created chaos nevertheless.


It has been so, for forty long years,

Losing equanimity  at the sight of guests,

Proposing an uneasiness loaded with fears,

Twined  up to end looking for the best.


He,  has been, all along reposing no confidence on others,

 Professes to carry a heavy responsibility  all alone,

Scrutinises in detail all from the covers,

But absolutely turns no stone.


Four decades of such precipitated movements,

Brings from the only onlooker a numbed reaction,

She goes about the way  with her own temperament,

Conducting the whole episode in a colourful  jubilation.