No Way to Escape.

No way to escape

fastened by a rope

gagged by a towel

strangled as well

hands knotted together

eyes tied tightly

legs bound by iron

the body pinned to a stake

a piteous context

the dagger  over the head

a dire consequence

a hideous move

horrendous it looks

no way to escape.


Actions Hallucination thoughts turmoil

A Gory Idiom

Apparently it was a hallucination,

It came from nowhere,

It sounded hideous,

It shook the equanimity,

It became silent for a moment,

Deadly quiet and sullen,

The silence bore a distraction,

It was fearsome,

A croaking noise emanated,

Cracking the nerves and muscles,

It was a desolate voice,

Coming from a deep source,

Screeching shrill  and screaming,

Unravelling an abysmal  shout,

Sealing the mind to a gory idiom,

Devastating the life in all shades,

Alas! it tore the self into a faceless efficacy.