Tired in Ways

Tired I am

fatigue overtakes in  all ways

distinctive in chase


fatigue Poetry

A Tiring Day

it is a  very tiring day

almost at home the full  day

yet felt very tired  in a way

the day is different  anyway

with a lot of things  in view

many more waiting in the queue

some more to be placed in lieu

others have to be looked for the due

those are the things in few

that makes me tired

and now I am fixed  with glue.After_a_tiring_day_by_xXDiceXx


The Purpose.

A travel so far

a trip across the globe

half a round  the hemisphere

from the east to the west

 all in a twenty-four hour time

different zones and timings

 a long sojourn  in a  place

upright and in a sit

with a sleep for a few

and a wake up for another

too exhaustive and extensive

a journey impressive in a way

with a feel of imagination

clad with love to see the son

who had moved away  a decade ago

his two little children hold a sway

 Well, an initiative  that dispelled 

the fatigue  in a stroke

a difference with an excellence 

that could be a most articulate

way of expression with full strength.

jet lag



Tired is the world 

No life in the eyes 

That sees around,tired


With The Stars

It is night already

going pitch dark all over

gazing at the skies

I wonder with a thought

the stars flicker with  light

laughing  with a grin

making the dark wonderful

there be  little sparkles

that go with the twinkle

yellow light spreading  all over

illuminating the dreary

what a contrast they offer

I sit in wonder

wonder be the word

tha comes again and again

for I find no wonders

that would fit appropriately

that illustrate the dark night

with a sparkling light

Well, with another wonder

I propose to ask you

my little stars yonder

how long had you been there

not getting worn out

never getting tired

not at all in an exertion

well, that makes me ponder

comparing myself with you

getting all the more exhausted

becoming an old woman

having lived well over five decades

wishing to submerge with you

would you take me there?

liveimages (47) with you up over

exalted in a sublime status

exhibiting brilliance and shine

Could I be as ebullient as you over there ?

Oh! stars let me know

so that I could pack my bags

and rise up to you.

Ugh! the word wonder strikes again

Will I ? would I?



desire Experience Lesson Life subscriptions True


Tired gets the  mind,

tired becomes  the body,

tired fumbles the limbs,

tired cry the eyes,

Only that remains untired,

is nothing but desire.

Actions Care subscriptions thoughts

Oh My Dear!

I am very tired

Oh my dear!

I need rest

Oh my dear!

Will I get it ?

Oh my dear!,

I know not how?

Oh my dear!

When will I get peace?

Oh my dear!

I wish to sleep,

Oh my dear!

Let slumber embrace me,

Oh my dear!

Let me not wake up,

Oh my dear!

Let me ebb into eternity ,

Oh my dear!

Un noticed, Unsung,Un honoured ,

Oh my dear!

Not to be born again,

Oh my dear!

Will you grant me?

Oh my dear!

Please you should,

Oh my dear!

With warm regards ,

To you my dear!