A Materialistic Dance

A fret and a sweat

could be a  serious bet

yet it is  there always

till man pursues his chase


The thought of money

would jeopardise any

yet the drive is there always

till man pursues his chase.


The feel of envy  as all

leads to jaundice  in the call

yet  jealousy overwhelms always

till man pursues his chase.


The restless mind leaves nothing

being gnawed by each and everything

yet the fever mounts up as always

till man pursues his chase.


Contentment is the King   with a glow

those thick in the involvements do not know

if satisfaction prevails in an expanse

man would not succumb to materialistic   dance






Tired in Ways

Tired I am

fatigue overtakes in  all ways

distinctive in chase



The Chase


The land opposite mine  

  densely planted with oil palm

closely populated by a tribe 

 a busy clan never calm

hooligans who take no bribe 

mischievous and up to folly 

oscillate and swing in a mood

break the branch when jolly

gnaw the berries in all crude 

chatter and  whimper all through

Lo! the trees  are now cut  invariably

their habitation is in a mess absolute

sit there they in all melancholy

with their brood in dissolute 

Alas! man  always engages in a chase

scares the orangutans  from their place