A Materialistic Dance

A fret and a sweat

could be a  serious bet

yet it is  there always

till man pursues his chase


The thought of money

would jeopardise any

yet the drive is there always

till man pursues his chase.


The feel of envy  as all

leads to jaundice  in the call

yet  jealousy overwhelms always

till man pursues his chase.


The restless mind leaves nothing

being gnawed by each and everything

yet the fever mounts up as always

till man pursues his chase.


Contentment is the King   with a glow

those thick in the involvements do not know

if satisfaction prevails in an expanse

man would not succumb to materialistic   dance






The Feverish Fret

The feverish fret over an occasion

provokes a laughter too much

the one who  is in a delusion

cannot confront as such

deputes not one but too many

they succumb to his pressure

come out with issues tiny

they not being directly involved

act on behalf and for the sake

not bothered about what evolves

nor hear or listen to  what breaks

the feverish man does the same

every way and everywhere he could

unmindful of the  reputation and name.Worried Man clipart





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There Go The Expenses.

Expenses are too many.

They cause an agony.

They implicate an  irony.

They are as oppressive as tyranny.


Expenses  give worry.

They bring about  a hurry.

They instigate a fury.

Allowing a deep bury.




Expenses  speedily go  ahead.

As they  take away the bread.

They  demand a sizeable shred.

Cutting short the thread.


Expenses are never expected.

They come at the moment unwanted.

Casting a shadow most followed .

Finally succumbing to  a fall out.


Expenses get on the saddle.

They carry on with a paddle.

Pressurizing the entity with a rattle.

Releasing an incessant prattle.


Expenses are obtrusive.

They are mostly intrusive.

Often they are incisive.

Enforcing  a trend decisive.


Expenses are to be met.

As they are inordinately set.

They usher a fret.

Leading to  a bet.


Expenses are  always alarming.

They are more or less unnerving.

They elicit  a fear threatening.

Leaving a passionate  decrying.