Count The Stars—Allegory

Counting the stars

those in the sky

counting one by one

as  slowly  in a try

counting in a sequence

could be a plausible buy

counting at random

could be a difficult tie

yet I counted  them

as if I am  an astronomer

I counted them

committing not  a misnomer

I counted them

all the more longer

I counted them

with being almost a failure

a reason not to aspire beyond

as they elude like a mirage

a status  being too much high

as always away from the range

a desire too great  in proportion

being all the way an avarice  not strange.









The Stars Glow.

The stars glow from heaven

twinkle and twinkle  all night

a subtle stars  glow, way to shine

being so small and  tiny

with a reach all through

never could compete

they with the mighty sun

nor they could surpass the moon

they have their  circumference

being extensive in a way

making one feel always

small is also beautiful.

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The Stars —-Through The Goggles

starsStar up above in the sky

make you look up high

you turn down in shy

the stars twinkle like a guy

a romantic state in the fly

they go behind the clouds

you call out to them aloud

they come out and rush back

you strain to find them in the track

your neck aches as you try hard

they play hide and seek in the card

you sigh and long for their sight

they appear suddenly bright

you feel delighted and happy

the stars had made you crappy.

be the heavenly stars as much

that of the world as such

we find the Hollywood

the Bollywood and Kollywood

parade with an ostentation

their noses in the air in a fashion

attired in  a gaudy, eye-catchy style

could be a pretext or  in a guile

yet they pull their crowd close

turn them mad in the course

a hero worship is on the move

well, it is crazy without a prove

an illustration of the stars on earth

a narrow reference of the cinematic ones

could extend to the political ones

the actors without a make do

promise and pronounce without any clue

they are the non-technical players

indulging in illicit dealings like liars

a cross section of people that cause a sway

power rules with an unmindful sense

causing a situation tense.

converstion deceit Poetry

I Ask The Stars.

Fortunate in all sense
I am the one insensible
my heart turns heavy and dense
it is the most possible
nothing else works as I wish
my heart too flounders and beats
I cry and shout only with a hiss
my organs drive me round the beats
I sit and gaze a the sky
I often do that to be in tune
I look at the stars high
twinkle as well in a fine tune
ask the stars in a voice soft
were you not ever cheated?
the stars let out a twinkle fast
could it mean they too were cheatedStars-in-the-sky-daydreaming-26168110-1024-768
I drag the stars to my side in fast
it looks to me that they say
it is not you and me in the world
it is all those who are quiet through the days
would be deprived and deceived in acts and word.

open Poetry window

The window Is Open.

The window opens out

could see the world throughout

the light passes in with a flair

the breeze rushes in with a care

the eyes are caught in a glare

stretching the sight with a stare

park on objects both high and low

there they eye on the stars in a glow

whose twinkle is slightly a twinge

it could also be a streaky hinge

the stars move in a range

the eyes emit an enthusiasm strange

the loftiness holds the breath

the idealism they illustrate lends a strength

that much for the greatness in all

a little lower rather down on the ground

lies the mud with rough stones aroundwindow

the eyes slowly traverse through

find a lot of meaning in their humility very true

the ruggedness is quite explicit

the realism elucidated is implicit

that is most we see through the window

the enhanced high and the enigmatic low.


The Confidence Great.

Clever she feels
great she thinks
beautiful she adores
herself in a stream
of all excellent quality
overshadows her foibles
that be her confidence
high above a level
that of her pride
too much in an overbear
Yes, she walks with head high
never sees down at all
always focuses on the stars
that do not shine in the morn.overconfidence


The Evening Drive,

Going out in the evening

looking at the shops big and small

glorified with lights colourful

found  also over the tress on the roads

blue ,pink and white lights flicker

with the neon lights on the pavements

and the sodium vaporised lights shining bright

the darkness of the night dispelled

being eliminated by illumination

the moon over the skies

shining demurely and peevishly

feeling shy of the earthly lights

while the stars refuse to come out

afraid of the twinkling lights  far below

the man-made fusions succeed so well

that they pose a threat to the constellation

leaving the firmament bare and dark

the artificial overpowering the natural as ever

that which is new would seem better

the old losing its gleam  in the endeavour

thus goes the evening drive across the city.





A Starry Night.

It being a starry night

with the darkness covered tight

the flickering of the moon

and twinkling of the stars soon

showed up as a lovely sight

with the illuminated night

sparkling with a gusto and light

while the chilliness of the season

lent  charm with a reason

sending an enamoured  fervour

along with a rapturous   ardostarry nightur

as I sat on my ease chair

gazing at the spectacular fair.





Stars Foretell.–Haiku.

Stars do foretell
as they keep on twinkling
calling us ahead.

Stars fix up
marriages in my lovely world
with great belief.

What stars foretell
do actually work through greatly
accurate or different?

Working very different
as most marriages get broken
with perfect combination.

Yet they hold
as the belief runs through
from time immemoriastarsl

Beauty Experience feelings ocean Poem

The Great Ocean.

The mighty ocean roaring sonorously
looks like a giant snoring vigorously.
The huge waves going high and low
appear like a hillock rising up and low.
The gentle ripples touching the shore
pose a picture of a mother’s loving shower.
The fierce tides dashing against the sand
bring to the mind the teacher’s strict reprimand.
White conches and colourful pebbles lying all over
provide a lustrous glow to the long stretch in a pass over.
The lovely moon and the twinkling stars shining
perch a canopy over the mighty ocean gurgling
loudly in a monotonous tone akin to bad singing. .