Ramayana–Idealistic Ihikasa.

Rama, the legendary son
of Dasaratha
left for the forests
and lived as an aesthetic
for fourteen years
never wished to return
whatever be the hardships

Obedience being emphasised
in this move.

The news of his father’s death
did not deter his resolution
the promise he gave
held him from going back
word of honour
a virtue he subtly places
before the world.

Born as a prince
he lived in the wild forest
eating meagre food,
fruits and vegetables
for fourteen years
exemplifies his attitude
one of renunciation:
a quality of strength.

Ramayana extols idealism
with a profundity.

Actions genuine imagination Poetry Utopia

The Utopia

idealismit is heartening to note

the cordiality in  all

the  kindness in most

the sincerity in execution

the   integrity in the undertakes

the  genuineness in speech

an absolute contentment prevails

well, this is a Utopia, not real

the imagination gives birth

the ideals take care

the growth is envisaged

a demonstration is expected


The Isms All Through

The isms on the go

with  a realism on the flow

the suffix “Suridealism ” with realism

turns into surrealism

such that be in the medical dictionary

they combat an itinerary

one of a thyroid deficiency

due to lack of efficiency

marked by hyperthyroidism

contradicted by hypothyroidism

along with the interaction impairment

called as  the dreaded autism in

an impeccable charisma is idealism

while destiny is associated with fatalism

enters the royalty with imperialism

the less space is affirmed as minimalism

these are the major isms along with the minority

dualism and parallelism  in priority

the pragmatism refers to the practical

thus, they occupy with no schisms

well defined by the rising metabolism.

open Poetry window

The window Is Open.

The window opens out

could see the world throughout

the light passes in with a flair

the breeze rushes in with a care

the eyes are caught in a glare

stretching the sight with a stare

park on objects both high and low

there they eye on the stars in a glow

whose twinkle is slightly a twinge

it could also be a streaky hinge

the stars move in a range

the eyes emit an enthusiasm strange

the loftiness holds the breath

the idealism they illustrate lends a strength

that much for the greatness in all

a little lower rather down on the ground

lies the mud with rough stones aroundwindow

the eyes slowly traverse through

find a lot of meaning in their humility very true

the ruggedness is quite explicit

the realism elucidated is implicit

that is most we see through the window

the enhanced high and the enigmatic low.

break concept dismantle Evolution Poem reason Theory threat. turmoil Wisdom

Dismantling The Experience.

Disoriented is the mind after a shock.
Disenchanted is the soul as it experiences a block.
Disheartened is the heart as it hits the rock.
Disturbed is the thought as it is subjected to a mock.
Disintegrated becomes the idealism as it stumbles into a deadlock.dishevelled
Dishevelled is the hair as the curls fall in locks.
Disfigured is the face as hurdles besiege it in a flock.
Dislocated is the disc as hurried movements enforce a knock.
Distraught is the being as every other thing takes it to an extreme stock.

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The Lofty Ideal

Setting a goal in play,

Is a promise   ever,

Capturing a grade in fray,

Is an affluence   clever,

Crediting a record in pay,

Is an achievement wherever

Consulting an expert in say,

Is a proposition   forever,

Modelling a supremo in array,

Is a  difficult endeavour

Squeezing a light in ray,

Is an extract  never

Carrying a delicacy in tray,

Is a  wish   whatsoever,

Levelling a mount in spray,

Is a task  wherever,

Maturing  to a  merit  in  flay,

Is a  fame however,

Holding a torch in gay,

Is a pride whenever,

Mentoring a trigger in a day

Is a rapport   ever so ever

Empowering an ideal display,

Is a lofty replay  all so ever.