From Corners Unknown.

The inspiration  I receive

from  corners unknown

one could not believe

comes from places not well known.


The interest I show

on objects  ordinary

one could not better show

springs a surprise beyond  degrees.


A bird sits on my window

day in and day out pecks

with its sharp beak rather hollow

an injury to my decks.


A squirrel runs up and down

day in day out  plays hide and seek

swift and sharp in its  run

an episode of freak.


A flower  white and pure

could be a jasmine  in due

attracts me with a lure

an exclusive  aroma and hue.


The one  green and feeble

could be a grass in a specific

shines, dances and trembles

a picturesque  detail in graphic.


I could go  with my enumerations

those  being the most unsophisiticated

cause a lot of distractive inspirations

that I seamlessly imbibed .unknown corners















Unknown And Unforeseen —-Allegory

Likening to a thunder
came down a boulder
fell down with a noise
made things look like toys
men working ran away
apprehensive of the fall in a way
luckily none were too near
could save their life dear
the mishap caused a furore
the neighbours raised an uproar
nothing could have been done
as the prevention was all done
certain happenings could not be predicted
reasons could never be attributed
the case could be felt in life too
unknown and unforeseen take place pictures 5-19-2014 045


Nobility All The More.

It is a surprise 
pleasant be it twice 
 an unknown face 
 seen in the first phase 
 offered to let us in
 unmindful of the pin
 without the least introduction 
made us feel at home  an action
 noble and beyond comprehension
 gave not any luxurious enchants 
 only the necessity without rant 
 extended with warmth and cordiality 
 that be the case of great derivative 
strong one of sustenance  in all
 a loving display of greatness  without brawlnobility


It is Unknown

it is one
It must be the other
It is unknown.

It is this .
It is due to that.
It is unknown.

It is because.
It is due to cause.
It is unknown.

It is hence
It is due to trends.
It is unknown.

It is so.
It is due to foe.
It is unknown.

It is possible
It is due to plausible.
It is unknown.

That is prone
That is due to tone.
It is unknown.

The unknown there
That is known here
be it blown.unknown


The Man Unknown.

Words of appreciation
from one unknown
from one unseen
keeps me going.
The words are not ordinary
they are extraordinary
with a goading
sometimes with a pat
other times with an applause
most times with a gentle smile
which hold me inappreciation trophy my writing
if not for those kind words
I would have fumbled
and would have wrapped up long back
Well ,the man I refer knows who it is
Let him keep it within himself
and let him continue his encouragements
that would take me to great heights
I wish him well in all his endeavours.


Glory To You

What I see
I write
What I feel
i write
What I think
i write
What i imagine
I write
Writing takes me
to lands unknown
to friends unseen
to readers visible
not through the eyes
but by the write
Glory to you
my key board
for boarding me
to places far and near.

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I Remain

Insignificant I want to be,

Unknown I like to be,

My lineage matters not,

My way of life is a sort,

Educated to meet my requirements,

 Though had a spectacular ranking averment,

 I grew up to be a silent spectator,

As  my share was gobbled  by an impersonator,

I  prefer to be away from all, 

Always in  time for a call,

 I like to remain calm,

Though still in form,

I do  not  talk about others ,

 But get antagonized if talked by others,

 I am dubbed as being proud,

As   I never once  bowed,

 I am very strong in mind,

Equally  sound in kind,

Want to know who am I?

Nay not ,I maintain anonymity.


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Living Again

It was a near death,

It was an accident,

 While blood gushed out in torrence

Bones ripped off into pieces,

He was dying.


Passers went to and fro,

As he lay uncared on the road,

At last a man ,a man ,really

Took him  to the hospital,

Remained  unnoticed until he revived..


It was a fresh lease of life,

It was like living again,

Needless to say he thanked the man,

The good man remains unknown,

His deed will talk about him.