From Corners Unknown.

The inspiration  I receive

from  corners unknown

one could not believe

comes from places not well known.


The interest I show

on objects  ordinary

one could not better show

springs a surprise beyond  degrees.


A bird sits on my window

day in and day out pecks

with its sharp beak rather hollow

an injury to my decks.


A squirrel runs up and down

day in day out  plays hide and seek

swift and sharp in its  run

an episode of freak.


A flower  white and pure

could be a jasmine  in due

attracts me with a lure

an exclusive  aroma and hue.


The one  green and feeble

could be a grass in a specific

shines, dances and trembles

a picturesque  detail in graphic.


I could go  with my enumerations

those  being the most unsophisiticated

cause a lot of distractive inspirations

that I seamlessly imbibed .unknown corners















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