Daily Archives: November 1, 2015

I Made A garland

garlandI made a garland

it looked grand

I stringed together

the flowers together

two in the upward

two downward

put the twine around

tied a knot

they were held in place

the way I went on

the garland took shape

mixed the flowers

yellow, green and red

had some white and rose in between

the garland turned wonderful

a simple offering to God

being my way of worship.

The Monsoon On The Anvil

monsoonThe monsoon has arrived

showers light and heavy

keeps us in a thrive

the heat taxes, not in a levy

the temperature has come down

the cool mornings with a drizzle intermittent

the noon that used to drown

with perspiration and discomfort incessant

has tamed incredibly to a mild condition

the evenings bring a cool wave bearable

while the nights extend a cold  rendition

the days hereinafter would bring in cheer

a welcome respite from the scorching heat.