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I Made A garland

garlandI made a garland

it looked grand

I stringed together

the flowers together

two in the upward

two downward

put the twine around

tied a knot

they were held in place

the way I went on

the garland took shape

mixed the flowers

yellow, green and red

had some white and rose in between

the garland turned wonderful

a simple offering to God

being my way of worship.

An Immemorable Darshan

Madurai-Meenakshi-Amman-Temple4A darshan after a long time

exhilarating in a way

saw the Goddess Meenakshi

bejewelled and decked extravagantly

the diamonds glittering like stars

the gold shining like the  sun

the garlands of rose and jasmine

reflected a charm  in colours

as a pleasant odour of the flowers

along with the aroma of the incense sticks

accompanied by the chanting of mantras

the singing of slokas by the priests

punctuated by the rendition

of Thevaram and Thiruvasakam

by the musicians, the Othuvars

as they are called in Tamil

the people queued up to get a glimpse

patiently walking in  rows

saw many among the crowd

totally in an ecstasy

with tears welling in their eyes

it was a darshan scintillating

great be the Friday  morning

being  most favourite day of the Goddess

The Ecstasy And The Thought

Tulips-Flower-Garden-DFL-0143The flowers  white and red

the white being numerous

the red in a few

with the yellow in one and two

call me with a bloom

as I sit to brood

they  being so fresh and soft

the petals so silky and shiny

wink at me with a twinkle

as I sit there to deliberate

they dance with the breeze

flutter with the birds

reveal themselves to the bees

as I sit there with  my mind elsewhere

their ambience is so lovely and charming

the aesthetics  beautiful and gleaming

mark me with a pin and a peg

as I sit there lost in my thoughts

their exuberance spreads a colourful hue

in contrast to my mind’s greyish howl

they laugh and grin with the environ

while my mind wanders in the realms

of unrelated references inappropriate

not the most required at the moment

I am fully present in this enchanting place

physical though in an existence

as my mind inhabits  in a dwelling

away from all these pristine pleasures

meandering  and negotiating the incidents

that would bring no gain or fortune

either in the form of peace and goodwill

or in the mode of financial  and economy

nestles in a deal that wedges the heart all through

the slanders that keep us in turmoil

well, tI sit and brood in a dilemma