in fights Poetry

A House Divided.

A house divided
looks invaded
with a menace
stumbled in a grimace
looks horrible
provides a tremble
it causes a shiver
releases a tremor
it is an exposure
of the texture
where in fights happen
grow and sharpen
kill the geniality
with no

distinctions. Poetry tragedies

The House In Itself

The house in itself

stands divided

most of the shelves

seem to be undivided
The apparent remains together

almost resembles a pattern

the virtual differs altogether

follows a lightless lantern.

The mind makes a hell

out of the beautiful

it builds a heaven in a tell

with a practice rueful.

So go the ironies and metaphors

with paradoxes and oxymorons

the house with all tragedies to refer

becomes a place of moan.



The House Divided -Haiku.

The house big
with rooms, halls and balconies
tumbles when divided. house.