The Hit

It be a dash straight on the wall
hitting the forehead
that rising into a bulge
devastating moment it was
with the toddler crying with pain
the parents knowing not what do
shattered by the sobs of the kid
placing ice pack on the hit
the child crying even more
what a pain the poor one would have felt!
with tears rolling down his cheeks
sobbing intermittently for full twenty minutes
the sister standing aghast with a shock
looking at her brother crying loudly.
the entire household became paralysed
To everyone’s astonishment
the little boy walked towards his toys
Well! that be the way all kids behave
withtoddler the grown ups still being into the strike and dash.


A Syndrome


A syndrome peculiar has set in
which calls for a check in
seemingly little away from the normal
but very much informal
as it is a revelation to me now
but it is a course not abnormal  anyhow
that of a withdrawal from the children
as their life now centers around a den
comprising of their family a nucleus around
that has been composed in the   round
catching their attention mostly
having no time to think about elders greatly
a flow of life that every human undergoes
now or later with a compelling heed  in the course.



That Being A House.

That being a house in which I was born

That being a house in which  I cried   first.

That being the house where I was brought up .

That being the house  where I grew.

That being the house where I played

That  being the house where I gave birth to my children

That being the house which was a part of me.

That being the house  where my parents lived and died.

That being the house that brings big housenostalgic memories

That being the house which looked grand and majestic

That being the very  house now looks sad and  waned,

That being the house now has lost its shine.

That being the very  house now it silently weeps ad sobs

That being the house longing for its past glory and last pomp .

as it stands  remote and battered by times and ill luck,


Taking Care

The baby next door was crying aloud
Her mother had gone out
The father was unable to keep her cowed.
She sobbed and whimpered in bouts.

The mother had left her for the first time.
The child was bringing the roof down.
The father did all things he could to pass the time.
But the child remained adamant to the sound.

Unable to cry furthermore the tired child slept .
The father then got relieved and called his wife
fearing the child would get up any time from sleep.
The father was in tears actually waiting for his wife.

Too much crying would be dangerous for the infant.
Too much exertion would turn the child blue.
Taking care of babies is a task very defiant.
yet they have to be nurtured by parents both in twobaby crying.


The Child’s Play. —— Haiku

Crying all night
disturbing the parents all through
enjoyed all day.

The parents worked
without any rest all day
to night watch child cries

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Life Is To Give.

Life is to give out liberally.

It is not a reciprocal take strictly.

Live without any expectations nearly.

Life is beautiful with tremendous potentiality.


A child is a gift of God.

She has to grow up with a nod.

It is her life be it odd.

The way to live is her prod.


It is the parental duty to bring her up .

Affection and discipline make her reach high up.

Tending to her is an interesting close up.

No more should be expected than this one up.


Be that with your children more so.

The same holds good with your parents also.

It should be the principle in your life ever so.

Expecting nothing from anybody for whatever so.


Content is King goes the saying generally.

It is for a different context say you smilingly.

To me it is contentment that precedes  others normally.

It is a special enthusiasm that evolves gracefully.