Call Me What You Want.

Call me what you want
as I am daughter
to my parents
a wife to my husband
a sister to my siblings
a mother to my children.

Call me what you want
according to your age
if young call me granny
if an adult address me as aunt
if a little older as sister
anyway, relationshipas you please.

Call me what you want
never call me a wife
as I could be to only one
a relation not to be shared
a connection very exclusive
once and only for a lifetime.


The Hit

It be a dash straight on the wall
hitting the forehead
that rising into a bulge
devastating moment it was
with the toddler crying with pain
the parents knowing not what do
shattered by the sobs of the kid
placing ice pack on the hit
the child crying even more
what a pain the poor one would have felt!
with tears rolling down his cheeks
sobbing intermittently for full twenty minutes
the sister standing aghast with a shock
looking at her brother crying loudly.
the entire household became paralysed
To everyone’s astonishment
the little boy walked towards his toys
Well! that be the way all kids behave
withtoddler the grown ups still being into the strike and dash.


Attitude Unappreciable.

Provoked by the behaviour

shocked by the attitude

chided my brother younger

who did all these with a know.

There being a strained relation

where I stand predominant

he picks up unwanted conversation

with the opposition of mine.

That not be only sufficient

he extends further affability

by accompanying the defying party

spending much time with him.

He proudly narrated the event

hurt to the quick I told him

that the amicable overtures

was not needed at any time.

Sister to you is important.

The man who has challenged her

should be kept at distance

not to be entertained with friendliness.

He walked away from me

not disturbed I kept my status

never would I do

if I were in your position.

sister sclds brother