abstract apprehensive. Poetry suspicion vie

The Comercial And The Relation

it is an occasion

not one of usual

 very distinct and different

a business and relation together

 very odd and strange.

comercial and relation

it turns into a precarious situation

 with the  innumerable transaction

 overlapping the  bond  of relation

count surpasses the heart beats

the conversion   becomes  upbeat.

It always happens

 material vies over affection

numbers strangle the goodness

brothers become  proclaimed foes

 with  an armour and a shield  in the go.

The combination  posts  offensiveness

 commercial   smothers  apprehensiveness

suspicion crawls in a manner  unobtrusive

 the disbelief disbands the  fidelity

finally the abstract devolves into a  distraction.


The Aunt and The Niece.

The aunt and the  niece.

go well together with a taunt

the older up to advice 

 the younger on to a device

 the thrill the  aunt experiences 

 when the niece dispenses 

 some information delightful

turns all that wonderful

the aunt  bores a special affection

 the niece holds on with a reflection

 the duo entertain each other 

not in a way always  together 

mostly in conversation over  phone 

be that in a soft  lilting tone

a relation  that is beyond description

 an attachment that endears a reception.






Attitude Unappreciable.

Provoked by the behaviour

shocked by the attitude

chided my brother younger

who did all these with a know.

There being a strained relation

where I stand predominant

he picks up unwanted conversation

with the opposition of mine.

That not be only sufficient

he extends further affability

by accompanying the defying party

spending much time with him.

He proudly narrated the event

hurt to the quick I told him

that the amicable overtures

was not needed at any time.

Sister to you is important.

The man who has challenged her

should be kept at distance

not to be entertained with friendliness.

He walked away from me

not disturbed I kept my status

never would I do

if I were in your position.

sister sclds brother


Attention Crisis

When you pay much attention

there would be no improvement

when you least show interest

there comes a new impetus

that notturn-from-god be in the field of writing alone

found in areas of business too

so much more in relations far more

as they start turning to you

once you turn away from them.


The Relations

It has  become sour and hot

as the tea becomes cold and insipid

relations getting estranged

as the tea   remains distasteful

with money and property

assuming  great proportions

tempers rising high

words turning foul

accusing and alleging  each other

the  one who has the power

the one who  has the key

keeps adamant all through

squandering and  swallowing

the resource and revenue

making the others stand behind

forcing a beseech and a plight

unprecedented and unwanted

he happily enjoying all the  fruit

throwing the skin and the seed

while the rest in restlessness

unable to brook any longer

grab his collars and drag himages (66)im

all around the streets

sealing him in a corner

lest not he would leave nothing

not even the skin and seed

that be the  disaster it portends

that be the dismay it extends.




Breaking relations is noiseless.

Shattering the heart to pieces.

Destroying everything to ashes.


Breaking the old building is noisy.

Causing a lot  of strained frenzy.

Thus shattering the bricks to a  floppy.

Demolishing everything to a ruinous sloppy.


Each one has its justifications.

Relations can never undergo unification.

Buildings can be modified by rectifications.

Therein lies the subtle differentiations.





Economy Gold funds Monetary gains Money thoughts True turmoil

What Matters Most?

Living in a materialistic world,

Where money  has a fastening hold,

Where gold has an exasperating fold,

Love and relations wear away in cold,

Mercy  and compassion look  old,

Where jealousy  and greed  appear bold,

As monetary gains fabulously  enfold.


Different kinds of money reign  supreme,

Colors black and white take  the cream,

Black money  encourages  the dream,

It gets  concealed in  the beam

White money flows with  the stream,

It adds revenue to the tax scheme,

As financial profits accrue the steam.


Economy is controlled by the powerful,

Wealth is  circumscribed by the deceitful

World at large is  influenced by the tactful,

Prosperity is found  among the  handful,

Poverty oppresses the truthful,

As  money gleams  wonderful.