The Aunt and The Niece.

The aunt and the  niece.

go well together with a taunt

the older up to advice 

 the younger on to a device

 the thrill the  aunt experiences 

 when the niece dispenses 

 some information delightful

turns all that wonderful

the aunt  bores a special affection

 the niece holds on with a reflection

 the duo entertain each other 

not in a way always  together 

mostly in conversation over  phone 

be that in a soft  lilting tone

a relation  that is beyond description

 an attachment that endears a reception.






Get To Know Each Other.

Get to know each other
pick up friends wherever you are
that is the way to live
as company enliven the heart.

A friend in need is a friend indeed
goes the saying with a wave
that be not of every friend
as they are greatly not attached.

The sincere ones are a fraction small
their ingenuity not a question
they come from a genre
rare and informal .

The rest carry a friendship superficial
for the sake of banter
enjoyment attains the principal strata
understanding is never in their agenda.

Tell me your friend
I will tell you who you are
gets an applaud strong in real
as that would get into the insight close.