Call Me What You Want.

Call me what you want
as I am daughter
to my parents
a wife to my husband
a sister to my siblings
a mother to my children.

Call me what you want
according to your age
if young call me granny
if an adult address me as aunt
if a little older as sister
anyway, relationshipas you please.

Call me what you want
never call me a wife
as I could be to only one
a relation not to be shared
a connection very exclusive
once and only for a lifetime.


The Aunt and The Niece.

The aunt and the  niece.

go well together with a taunt

the older up to advice 

 the younger on to a device

 the thrill the  aunt experiences 

 when the niece dispenses 

 some information delightful

turns all that wonderful

the aunt  bores a special affection

 the niece holds on with a reflection

 the duo entertain each other 

not in a way always  together 

mostly in conversation over  phone 

be that in a soft  lilting tone

a relation  that is beyond description

 an attachment that endears a reception.






The Aunts of Mine

A beautiful day it is
the mind looks wonderful
nothing much to think about
as usual retrospecting
got stuck at one point
back to the days of my aunts
they were four altogether
knew them for their loveliness
the eldest being short in stature
tall in her decisions
spoke in form and authority
humorous and practical
a favourite of mine
the second one wasaunt not serious in anything
a spendthrift and very kind
the third one was quiet and went about her way
while the last aunt was petite and soft
hurting none spoke in whispers
the clan of mine now dead and gone
still rush back to me when I am alone
keep company with me spelling out love and care.