magic Poetry

A Magical Touch

Rains come and go

a novel phenomenon in the go

there was a drizzle an hour ago

then the cool breeze  in a soft blow

again the  sharp showers  with a flow

a lull for a time without any catch

a repetition rains come and go in full not in the patch

it is  wonderful to watch

very magical in touch

an enchanting experience in all


The Rains Come Finally

The day is a shine and a dine
with a clouds almost in nine
the weather seems to be fine
with the rain almost to pour
the drops come in four
thunder descends in a roar
the clouds draw to a close
the sky engages in blows
the drizzle sets in with no force
lightening strikes with a blind
the battle is fought with a bind
the vapours burst out from hind
the rains fall down in torrence
a struggle in exasperation
Well! it turns out to be an inspiration.

rainy day


The Aunts of Mine

A beautiful day it is
the mind looks wonderful
nothing much to think about
as usual retrospecting
got stuck at one point
back to the days of my aunts
they were four altogether
knew them for their loveliness
the eldest being short in stature
tall in her decisions
spoke in form and authority
humorous and practical
a favourite of mine
the second one wasaunt not serious in anything
a spendthrift and very kind
the third one was quiet and went about her way
while the last aunt was petite and soft
hurting none spoke in whispers
the clan of mine now dead and gone
still rush back to me when I am alone
keep company with me spelling out love and care.