Rains are in a Swing

The rains are in swing

the reptiles and insects

have taken their wings

find  them in all sections

snails  crawl in the backyard

frogs  hop almost everywhere

needless to say about lizards

the fly flies in and out without any care

bothersome it is to keep them off

rains do bring relief to all

they do create a havoc in their first call.



A Source of Bounty.

The rains are on the way

the thunder has arrived

the lightning  follows

while the sky turns dark

the air becomes moist

significant it could be

a beautiful  syndrome

a gracious concept

a bounteous extension

always the rains are

somewhere in the land

everywhere  in the stretch

all too much of a pleasure .

Heavy Downpour
Heavy Downpour — Image by © Anthony Redpath/Corbis











Rains Do Come.

Rains do come

a little and in excess

good  to process.


Good to process

when they are in excess

way to conserve.


A way to conserve

store it in lakes and ponds

an old method.


An old method

being replaced by modern  indifference

building on them.


Building on them

arrests the flow of water

results in floods

lakes and reservoirs


play Poetry thunder

The Rains In My Town


it is the rains
the much-awaited signs
come with a reign supreme
it has been my dream
to see the rains for long
nature has thwarted my song
I jumped and sang in my younger days
when I saw the rain I became gay
now I hold my breath and stare
at the rains with a feigned dare
The droplets gather slowly
in an increased speed rapidly
come down with a force
a beautiful sight to behold in the course
the rains come not alone
bring along its friends known
thunder and lightning accompany
the blast and a tumult comply
along with a flash and brightness
the rains fall thud, thud, in a resonance
a fantasy for me to espy
like to run into the rains and cry
the rains would fall on my head
drop through my nose ahead
my tongue would swap the water in quick
Oh! I would like to play and kick.

exhilaration. Poetry

The Rains Cause Happiness.

The sound of rain falling
that too in the morning
keeps me in a mood of joy
and in a status of enjoy
I rush to the window
see the abundance in a show
the water falls in a sheet
it is a pleasant treat
I run to my back door
pull open the door
run into the vegetable garden
where the veggies lie in a broaden
stand there for a while
get drenched in style
the water flows down my head
I put out my tongue instead
splash it around my lips
the water drops in drips
it is a play of my childhood days
it continues to this day
an exhilaration I experience
it is one of very great reference.

magic Poetry

A Magical Touch

Rains come and go

a novel phenomenon in the go

there was a drizzle an hour ago

then the cool breeze  in a soft blow

again the  sharp showers  with a flow

a lull for a time without any catch

a repetition rains come and go in full not in the patch

it is  wonderful to watch

very magical in touch

an enchanting experience in all

earth Poetry rains

The Rains In All

The rains do good

they too also do bad

it is the way they rain

it is the way they deign

the earth is a receptacle

it also faces a debacle

that of a receiver in a sense

that of a deceiver in pretense

the showers  fall with ease

they drive one mad in a tease

it being a likelihood all the more

it being a dissimilarity sore

the rains enrich the soil

also delude it in a foil

a strange concept in strength

yet very realistic in length.



The Rains Come Finally

The day is a shine and a dine
with a clouds almost in nine
the weather seems to be fine
with the rain almost to pour
the drops come in four
thunder descends in a roar
the clouds draw to a close
the sky engages in blows
the drizzle sets in with no force
lightening strikes with a blind
the battle is fought with a bind
the vapours burst out from hind
the rains fall down in torrence
a struggle in exasperation
Well! it turns out to be an inspiration.

rainy day


Quite Unusual

Unusual rains at unusual seasons.
Unusual cold at unusual seasons.
Unusual heat at unusual seas
Unusual storm at unusual seasons.
Unusual tells us that unusual experiences
would flood releasing an unusual predicament.
All are signs of the global warming.
As every other thing looks for change
nature tells us it is no exception. download (68)


The Sun Not Awake

sun not awakeThe sun still not awake
though it is six in the morning
the bustle almost not found
the morn looks sullen.

The sky is down cast
darkness hovers over
rains would come
a sign of welcome.

The day advances
still no move of the sun
peculiar it appears
something amiss is on the way.

Slowly the sun comes out
shines as bright as ever
even hotter than the usual
could be a tongue in cheek attitude