The Hit

It be a dash straight on the wall
hitting the forehead
that rising into a bulge
devastating moment it was
with the toddler crying with pain
the parents knowing not what do
shattered by the sobs of the kid
placing ice pack on the hit
the child crying even more
what a pain the poor one would have felt!
with tears rolling down his cheeks
sobbing intermittently for full twenty minutes
the sister standing aghast with a shock
looking at her brother crying loudly.
the entire household became paralysed
To everyone’s astonishment
the little boy walked towards his toys
Well! that be the way all kids behave
withtoddler the grown ups still being into the strike and dash.

Actions Poem

The Will And The Way

bulging eyesShe has a deep swell
around the eyes.
Bulging it closes the eyes.
it is not painful says she.
it is neither disturbing too.
Amazed at her predilections
I stay confused.

She goes about her way
doing her chores in perfection
With one eye workable
she does perform adorable.
Drives, works, cooks
does gardening too.
Amazed once again
I remain astonished.

it is not the lack
that affects work.
it is not the fault
that cancels actions.
It is the determination
that works wonders.
Where there is a will
there is a way.