There You Are.

Seeing what is there
commenting about it
without any extra details
describing as it is
making nothing more of it
tells you are prosaic.

Seeing what is there
adding imagination to it
coloring it beautifully
allowing it to take wings
making the most of it
emphasizes you as a poet.

Seeing what is there
enjoying it for itself
loving it more and more
depicting it with gesticulations
making it an experience
finds you as a dramatist.

The three perceptions
basically tell the same
but one with a reality
another an exaggeration drama
and the last one an entertainment
all that pointing to the very same


A Delight So

It is a day of deviation
want to be away in action
not of the usual involvement
but in the different environment
away from the daily routine’
mucdownload (22)h away into the setting
where there is no pressure
where there is only leisure
with no receipt and payment
only there be entertainment
mostly forgetting who I am?
It has begun so and remains so
hope it would continue also
leaving me in a refreshment
releasing a delightful sentiment.


Swinging To And Fro

Swinging away into the past
where the retreat is very fast
while memories come gushing in a flow.
when back to the time of birth in slow
though with no memoirs of that day special
but got to know about it in a tell
then treading toward the school life
with all its gusto and strive
proceeding towards the university
clinching honours in veracity
becoming a wife and a mother
in quick succession whatsoever
submerged in sea of responsibility
almost for three decades with credibility
finally emerged out of it though in a belateddownload (20) mode
the lifelong passion of writing finds its code
be it a canvas with profile low and not grand
it had given me an outlet to voice my stand.
With that in purview my life has taken a full circle
saying proudly to myself that I have not buckled


Banter epitomized by vulgarity.

I rarely spend time watching T.V.

Last night, I switched my T.V.,to be abreast with the world.

A famous channel was putting up a show.

The predominant effect of this weekly show was to make people laugh.

Laughter is the best medicine for all ills.

Its motto is fine.

Its text is banality.

People were  tickled by the ill humour.

Idealism can be promoted either way.

You can indulge in a dedicated  style.

You can also involve in a notorious  conduct.

Yesterday’s telecast  brought thunderous applause.

It invoked loud laughter.

At the height of the enjoyment, there was a cheap  dialogue, illicit sentiments,irrevrential behaviour.

They said ,it  was a representation of  the anecdotes in a family.

It did not.

I very well know, that theatre is an exaggeration of life.

Enrich the virtues by elaborating them.

Subdue the obscenity by subsidising them

Yesterdays exhibit was devoid of dignity and respect.

The channel is extremly successful.

Its viewershipi is extraordinary.

This  particular show,is the most popular of all .

Unfortunately, it does not live up to it.

We  understand that,

Humour is a therapy.

Humour is a  quality.

Humour is  an acknoweldged credential.

Its excellence is found in a presentation  underlined d by subtlety,contextual wit, dainty movements.,

and lucid  conversations.

Instead lewd jokes, incorrigible body language,provacative attire, indecent  exchange of words are now branded as banter.

Media is vested with enormous power.

It should promote  decorum

It should shun profanity.