A Delight So

It is a day of deviation
want to be away in action
not of the usual involvement
but in the different environment
away from the daily routine’
mucdownload (22)h away into the setting
where there is no pressure
where there is only leisure
with no receipt and payment
only there be entertainment
mostly forgetting who I am?
It has begun so and remains so
hope it would continue also
leaving me in a refreshment
releasing a delightful sentiment.

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Sentiments All The Way

Impressions good or bad,

All the way

Are overworked  by sentiments,

Feelings  happy or sad,

All throughout,

Are over whelmed by sentiments

Fashions new or fad,

All times,

Are overtaken by sentiments.

Experience simple or grand,

All days,

 Are overpowered by  sentiments,

Commodities  ordinary or brand,

All periods,

Are overdrawn by sentiments.

Thoughts   high  or strand.

All years,

Are overwrought by sentiments,

Listing such  status or stand,


Are driven by sentiments.