The Coin is Tossed

The coin being tossed

head or tails in a shot

either one would fall

well, that is everyone’s call.


The coin plays a role

keeps all in a fold

not only  while tossing

also in the  crossing.


Heads would bring joy

the tail is less joy

a belief from  the time long

not to dissipate it  in this song.


Up go the coin in a fly

all eyes go with it in the try

comes down with the same speed

as every eye turns to it in greed.


Hooray ! cries the voice in jubilation

as head strikes down  with no intention

Alas! goes the voices in a groan

as it  eyes the tails land down.


Lot more and lot less go with it

matches and catches are with it

let us also go with the practice

no harm is found in this tactics.




Poetry thoughts

Eyes Do Much Harm

The eyes of a man

being filled with envy

looks not safe.


The eyes of another

full of venom

poses a danger.


Their eyes  crave

one stands in front

the other behind.


The apparent strikes

a risky  one

deem it to be in front.


The virtual kindles

a fiery one

consider  it to be in the back.


Being in the middle

you become the target

a throw and a hard hit .


Better stay away

as they say

eyes release horror.


Better not come in between

as a way of security

run away from them in speed .


That be a remedy

could be a strategy

nay above all a reward.









With a Knowledge.

Having done the most
there was nothing more
he could do further
as he harms the near ones
that be his way
as he hurts others
with scathing remarks
as he spreads stories false
that be his way
has he acquired anything beneficial?
yes,greatly quoth I
as he goes on with his slander
knows not one day it would return
would turn against him with excess force.
He is now in that phase
facing the brunt with full strength .
God forbid! God pardon!
a trespass committed fully well
with a knowledge and a trial
that is the only mistake.hurt


Be It Anything

Be it charm

be it harm

it is in a swarm

that brings never  a warm

not surely  a balm

as in the  storm

we get no calm

very much out of form

not within the specified norm

having to survive in prescribed   proceed

that be of great  diligence in the   need.41cMZXNTrrL._SL500_AA280_





Damsel In Distress

It was at the spur of the moment

the mind subjected to torment

not able to contain the  emotion

burst out angrily without a stutter

cursing and swearing the harm doer

beating  the heart in a violent behaviour

crying out that she has lost all things in life

for which she had worked all in strife

she then swooned in utter  dismay

falling back in a confused array

listening to her one felt sympathy

as understood every one had an  empathy

nothing  they felt could make her come out

as she had been beaten throughout

her patience  was under test

high time she took a decision best

that would pull her out of the dejection

and set her in the path to progression

that be the  worthy known  wisdom

as she has to endMario-DamselInDistress_2325 the doldrums.











The Other Side Of It

Living in a place where I am known

gives  a pain and a trial unknown

setting a very uneasy tone


Seeing someone who has done harm

tends to induce a disquieting  calm

that forces me to lose my charm.


Relocating at this part of life being hard

I have to  safely play the card

and move on in life with a big nod.



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It Is Irritating.

It is irritating nothing but irritating.
It is trash nothing but trash.
Having been away mentally
Seeing not eye to eye
keeping a distance from a particular irritatingperson
I hate myself for calling him a person.
Not talking a word about them
let it be good or adverse.
That being my habit all through
as to not pronounce the names of those
who had harmed me wantonly.
That being so,I got a call from overseas
Mind you it was a missed call
Calling back respecting the seniority of the caller
who came on-line very briskly
started talking about the person.
I told him in no certain terms
that the call is wasteful expense
My patience flew into a rage
shouted at him for behaving so funny
as he knows fully well that I care a tuppence
and not cast my eyes on the concerned person
Closing down I was shaking with anger
and wondered why people act so badly