That Which Wins Over.

A beautiful flower  in full bloom

a lovely child  in full smiles

a painting in full life

a building in a splendour

would compete with each other

one overwhelms the other

the only one that  stands out

that carries in a sway

to which I fall  head over heels

could you guess from the choices

a few chances I extend to you

let them be my takeaways

no, you cannot tell the one

I like perhaps you would also like

being the smile of a child

innocence shines through

the toothless smile wins over

the sparkle in the eyes

turns to be a bliss as






Rest In Bliss

I retrospect

the years that have gone

not one or two in a circumspect

from the day I was born

I recollect.


I step aside

turn back and see the road

not one very much beside

being one not very broad

I stand still.


I go through

scrupulously  I pursue the past

being very much true

my memory reads fast

I gather myself.


I find happiness

the way I have lived all along

straight without any indulgence

knowing where I belong

I  turn contented.


I walk ahead

have to cross the years  with pride

a significance well read

hope to be blessed with an easy ride

I rest in blissbliss






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I Am An Architect.

What a world I could make?

as all seem to be in a fake

a creation in a dream

with illuminations in a gleam

would be the best possibility

Yes, I see around in style

the land that surrounds me

supplies all I want without trial

I find a cheerful abundance

which call not for any reference

the prosperity  overwhelms

beyond the specified realms

I  hover around with eyes open

I  could spot nothing inferior even in token

the children play and learn with a relish well looked after with

well looked after with a cherish

the aged walk in an elegant stride

share their experience  with pride

not one of them staggers or wobbles

look fresh and free of troubles

the commercial  transact  in terms straightforward

no deals are performed  with an exchange inward

threats of terrorism  have no place

if at all they are  gimmicks in case

hijack is an absentee in the  world  of mine

the hide and seek takes place in a shine

abuse and misuse are not  thought  at all

be them in words, matter or material   in call

women are held in high esteem

never they undergo hardships extreme

distinctions between poor and rich are unknown

as everyone is moderately  well off and well known

with a lovely house and a caring family

a job well paid and no struggle in the rally

the life in my world goes about  happily

a gracious blessing it is hopefully

Well, this would be the world I wish to make

simple as it could be  easy to take

I want no frills or drills along the sides

I require plain transparency with no abide

If this world could be created as I wish

I see a Heaven on earth with  an eternal bliss.

Lovely is my circumspection by all  deeds

Great it would be if I succeed!baby and grandmother .

‘I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15.’

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The Strange Poem

The writing is strange

the style is stranger

the words are archaic

the structure strangest.

The poem struck me.

I  read it again

then again and again

sounded very genuine.

The style as such was different

not very coherent

but  seemed to be a melody

rhapsodical and

The words are simple

could be  understood easily

they are there with an ease

very cordial and pleasant.

The strangeness I find

both in words and style

add up to the charm

quaint and enlivening.

The poem elicits a grandeur

modelled on a structure

ordinary yet extraordinary

great and celestial.

Strange goes with divine

as it hovers round the unknown

a halo perhaps unseen

strange-attractor-crop an awareness of a bliss.


Hey ! Normal Day

The day with a peculiarity 

not one with the day-to-day

very different from the daily

that being one of an event

might sound very odd and silly

but it being true and genuine

the wake up for the day

being very early before sunrise

when still there being a little darkness


with the sun seen nowhere

it is an experience by itself

having the early morn for yourself

with none to share the bliss

not even the birds being out

nor any sign of human movement

with the dogs after the vigil

sleeping pretty heavy in the porch

a delightful ecstasy it is

and having been alive for so long

this day becomes unusually important

with beautiful interpretation

that could be better felt than expressed. early morning

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Heavenly Bliss

No fuss and no cries,

Nothing funny nor dreadful,

Something simple and solid,

Everything great and straight,

All inclusive of peace and cheer,

Is  Heavenly Bliss.



The interpretation may sound strange,

It may appear  peculiar,

 As it stands out of other  reference,

It is an odd man out,

It is the true  declaration

A cryptic description of Heavenly Bliss.



Bliss is a blessing first of all,

Not every one can aspire,

It is a profound satisfaction,

Not all can find,

It is a state of mind,

Nevertheless to be attained.




Heavenly Bliss is a synergy,

Beauty and happiness function together,

Contentment and love conjoin together,

Munificence and magnanimity combine together,

Charity and philanthropy connive together,

To bring enlightenment and enchantment.



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Shot by Macabre Thoughts

Thinking can make a man great and  wise,

It also convicts  him to be a man with vice,

Thoughts bring in wisdom most times,

They also draw horror certain times.

Good thoughts take us to great heights,

Kind thoughts  lead us to a beacon of light,

Noble thoughts  enhance our  soul

Loving thoughts enliven all.

The evil mind  works on mischievous  ugly  plans

The scathing temper bursts out on  the clan,

The intention of distorting the flow,

Is expressed in venomous  blow.

The inclination  to strangle and squeeze the  kin

Whether it be your own sister or brother in,

 W ho  suck the last drop of blood like a leech,

Causing a destruction beyond reach.

It is a   well planned but  disproportionate  devour ,

Willing to swallow the cake and the pie  with great power,

Leaving not a morsel or a wee bit  to the co born,

Devastating  grotesquely  her to the forlorn. 

It may sound a little far-fetched to you,

To me it is the course of life in true,

Right from childhood   I unknowingly became a prey,

To the siblings greed which  I demurely accepted without a say.

Still they are not appeased and contented,

Having made me  bereft of all the content,

They strive to drain the pride and diligence  I hold,

Amongst all oddities and eventualities  like a bold.

I sigh and heave ” why was I born?”

In a family to be discarded as leaf torn.

May be I was an anomaly in my mother’s womb,

Which after living for so many years creates a dome.

Isolating myself from the macabre horizon

I  chose to live in an unknown zone.

Living a life of anonymity  in seclusion,

Away from the  intriguing   deceiving intrusion.

 Am working like a  devil to forget the  loss,

More or less achieved   the gain  on the floss,

I  Pray hard not to set my eyes on them,

No more  of  disenchantment  from them

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A Little More Magnanimity.

The best in us can be transcribed in many noble deeds and helpful indications.Being good at heart  is a loving  edict. But extending the generosity is a beautiful event.

Many of us are kind . Many of us are compassionate. Many of us are liberal. Many of us are large hearted. These are all but abstract condiments. Feeling is different from doing. Experiencing is alien from performing.

How many of us involve  ourselves in social emancipation?How many of us take up to help the needy? How many of us organise rehabilitation centre for the victims of natural fury?

Well, to engage in such humanitarian consideration, we do need a big background and loads of money.The minimum requirements  are a thought and the impulse to help others. The initiative dwindles , if we do not swing into immediate action. As the desire to help others crystallises  in our mind ,we must jump into it and   execute it. Deliberation leads to procrastination ,which in turn proceeds to denial.

A kind word to a child, a pep talk to an invalid,a caressing touch to a  bruised person, a gentle lead to the  visually challenged, an impressionistic sign language to the  hearing impaired, a writing module for the taciturn, and an allowance to the mentally retarded, will go a long way to create a congenial .carousing environment.

A gentle direction to the physically handicapped, a fresh attestation to the downtrodden, a multiple mandatory affirmation for the depressed ,will evoke a magnificent marvel and an extraordinary exhilaration .

Shall  we all try to effuse a little more magnanimity ,when occasions compel us?