The Little Realm

trees ,birds, squirrelsThe birds keep me enticed

from the days long back

the place I write opens out

the trees stand around

where be the birds and squirrels

the chirp of the birds

their tweets and chatter

distract me to the best

I  gaze at them with cheer

they  talk with love dear

the squirrels come through the door

run around me in joy all through

the play continues all the morning

like to be in their innocuous  company

could not be diffuse in the symphony

as I have to attend to my duties

now I am away from the heavenly beauty

the  realm where birds, squirrels and I play.





Enlightenment Interpretation subscriptions thoughts

Heavenly Bliss

No fuss and no cries,

Nothing funny nor dreadful,

Something simple and solid,

Everything great and straight,

All inclusive of peace and cheer,

Is  Heavenly Bliss.



The interpretation may sound strange,

It may appear  peculiar,

 As it stands out of other  reference,

It is an odd man out,

It is the true  declaration

A cryptic description of Heavenly Bliss.



Bliss is a blessing first of all,

Not every one can aspire,

It is a profound satisfaction,

Not all can find,

It is a state of mind,

Nevertheless to be attained.




Heavenly Bliss is a synergy,

Beauty and happiness function together,

Contentment and love conjoin together,

Munificence and magnanimity combine together,

Charity and philanthropy connive together,

To bring enlightenment and enchantment.