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A Stunt On Board.

Stunts  Gimmicks,  find the  day’s  shine

A humbug and impudence  create an outward galore.

Empty talk and haughtiness make a furore.

Thus being the situation,the world at large is being tremendously rocked by ostentation and snobbery.

The Health summit is an evidence of such enactment.

The environmental summit a few months back is another illustration of such  debatable


The time spent over these issues is a colossal waste.

The expense incurred towards  conducting such seminars is exorbitant.

Have we to indulge in such extraneous devices ,when there is global recession?

A point to ponder.

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Rehearsal And Art.

Rehearsals  imply a strict control .

Discipline ,sometimes ,are overwhelmingly  enlarged   which destroy eloquence. 

Practice makes things perfect.

The  staging propounds a success.

But rehearsals  do actually stub the spontaneity.

An extempore  attempt is thrilling .

The excitement is beautiful.

The presentation has a  full-fledged flow.

A spontaneous expression requires an alert mind ,a distinct thought and  a  deft  usage of the language.

The  mastery over the language  is a skill not many can meet.

Perpetuating thoughts,  coherent  speech or action, whatever it might be, the neat progress  of catchments, felicitous   expression underlined by fertile imagination develops a concurrence that could never be achieved in a rehearsed  depiction.

The practice , of course ,manifests a rigorous training  and a regular tutelage.

The creativity is in full bloom  during the at once portrayal.

Wordsworth alls Poetry as a spontaneous overflow of powerful feelings.

So ,art  is the   intense  presentation of  fine experience .This hypothesis is applicable to each fine art, whether it be painting, music , dance,  or writing .

Poetry is the  finest form of creativity, that which holds the reader in absolute rapture .

Poesy fills the mind with eternal happiness .


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Washington Washed Away

The nerve centre of world politics, the busy hub of world’s business, the central market of World’s commodities, the reigning supremo of the world, Washington is slowly fading into oblivion.

The sun never sets in the British empire was once a proud broadcast of the Englishman.The omnipotency of Washington, well over the decades , is the haughty superciliously of the American.

The sun had set in the British empire during the mid twentieth century.

The omniscient  Washington dynamism is being gradually depleted into  a non-existence during  the twenty-first   century.

For every beginning there is an end.

For each opening there would be a closure.

So much so, the Western domination is succumbing to its authority which is generally inauthentic, particularly unwarranted.

The dollar  has seen an  unfathomable fall.

Its credibility is a big question mark.

The American impudence has led to a down turn.,which comprises of  a great economic depression.

The defaults are too many. By enumerating the main slips we get an  offer of a cautious ensemble to the readers.

The lack of saving has brought in a reprimanded situation.

The overspending attitude has implied a discouraging bizarre

The involvement in   the Afghan war at the moment, the unnecessary intervention in the Vietnam turmoil earlier has forced a derogatory dimension on the financial anathema

The Washingtonian pride and prejudice have implicated a dilemma worldwide.

The diabolic deliberations, the distant digressions, the distinct deviations by the Washington headquarters have presented a seismic diffidence and a deforming  dénouement.

The charm of Washington has evaporated.

The dense Washingtonian essence has diluted to a thin liquid  of  non transparent muddle.

The magic of Washington  has disappeared into a thin filament of dusty air.

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Back To The Sea

The tides rise up,

The  water splashes,

The bubbles shoot up,

The pebble  tosses,

The  fish rise up,

The  whale crosses,

The frogs leap up,

The   sea animal  dashes,

The mammals spur up,

The  octopus smashes,

Everything mounts up,

To go back to the sea.

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Gazing at the sky,

Little stars twinkling,

Blue clouds passing,

A wonderful sight.


Gazing at the Television,

Cine stars rowing,

Red alerts flashing,

A dubious sight,



Gazing at the computer,

Message stars blinking,

colourless virus hacking,

A tedious sight.






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Incoherent,Irrelevant Imbroglio

Imbroglio is a confused state or an entanglement that  involves covert motivations ,secrets and manipulations.

A persistent conversation, a bout of expression, a hoard of accumulated interpretation that apparently look silly, but in depth pose a threat ,was besieging me  for some time. The frequency of  similar duplicated good will  increased in an appalling speed, that I got  fumigated. My  endurance was put to test. I tolerated the incoherence to the last straw by extending  the limits of patience , by restricting  the frontals of impudence . But , one fine morning , the irrelevant jabber went beyond comprehension .My temper broke loose.The repetitive talk on impractical  resolutions, the  bluff about intangible targets, the soliloquy of impregnable  delineations ,rubbed me on the wrong patch. However , much I tried to control my anger ,refrain from aspersions, my mind blew out. My annoyance was unrestrictable. It lashed  in leaps and bounds.I barged  a few cryptic remarks ,which carried  the essence of intense feelings.

Keeping on talking about a single issue,harping on selfish matter, posing one as a saint, pressing the quality of godliness ,prattling about curse, remedy and insensible  consultations to ward off evil effects , ruined the stability of my mental stature.

My ears  seemed to have lost the power of hearing. The referred  eloquence is addressed to a party , who has been deprived off all the benefits, of all that is due, , of  the birthright,of all the plum fiscal  revenue.You would have identified the party by now. It is none other than me.

Imbroglio comes in different versions. It  may be political through some upheaval. It may be physical through some complications. It may be fiscal  through some setback. But the imbroglio I experience is of a specific constitution that renders an absolutely lunatic significance, which is disgruntling and extremely infuriating.

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An Ode To Instant Food

Hurried manoeuvre,

Fast move,

Harried temper.

Harsh  proof.

Track  the instant food.



Renders obesity,

Makes idle,

Presses dormancy,

Mulls flaw,

Proceeds the instant food.




Perpetuates dormancy,

Deters  health,

Promotes  lethargy,

Drains life ,

Ventures  the Instant food.




Develops indigestion,

Tries strain,

Produces  infraction,

muddles deep,

Guides  the Instant food.



Promises nil work,

Flakes prices,

Puzzles  indulgence,

Decries detention,

 Snugs the Instant food.



Defers  longevity,

Chills wellness,

Diminishes the might

Destroys health,

Wrenches the Instant food.




Immobilises the move,

Shirks ease,

Inviogrates  the cells

Stops breath,

Points to the Instant Food.



Shatters the body,

Thrusts  acidity

Determines the fatality,

Throngs  pressure,

Echoes the Instant food.



Noodles is the forerunner,

Chips follow,

Precooked items  soar high

Traditional  cooking gives way,

To the  modern Instant food.







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An Ode To Design

Designs are many.

Designs are plenty,

Designs are trendy,

Designs are  impressive



Designs  interpret variants,

Designs express manipulations,

Designs  portray images,

Designs infer  translations.



Designs seek appreciation,

Designs  refer  traditions,

Designs  render admiration,

Designs promote valuation.




Designs are translucent,

Designs are fluorescent,

Designs are benevolent,

Designs are  excellent.






Designs ignite the mind,

Designs assuage the spirit.

Designs refine the taste,

Designs tranquillise the soul.




Designs bring charm,

Designs show beauty,

Designs kindle warmth,

Designs resurrect peace.



Designs falter at times,

Designs divert at times,

Designs seduce at times,

Designs  mislead at times.




Designs  aim at progression,

Designs target promotion,

Designs work towards prosperity,

Designs hover  over rejoicement.

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Born To Buy .

The attitude “Born to buy ,not to sell “is a beautiful idiomatic introspection.. The concept may look like an euphoria, sound exactly like a soothing prediction.The inimical style of practice of always acquiring properties, commodities , consumer durables, dress, furniture and several other articles  professes illogical epitome.

A consideration of accumulating wealth is a noteworthy achievement, but at times of emergency this fancy should yield to reality. The blind faith  of withholding assets , in the expectation of sorting out the debts by borrowings , is an extermely  puzzling feverish sigma.

A family , I know , saddled with extravagant liabilities, refused to part even with a small  item , but indulged in setting of the debtors , by bribing the middle men ,thus ensuing the postponement of the d -day. They  did  diversify  the attention for a specific time frame, but in the process lost mostof their valuable properties , by way of auction , by liquidation procedure, by annihilating  the property  to the business debtors for the debts. The whole exhaustive determination could have been saved , if they have sold one property ,

Clearing of debts , by selling unencumbered assets is not a shameful thought. Instead , it raises the image of the person manifold among the community. It earns a reputation , that he thoroughly honours his words and can be trusted for even a better forfeiture

The materials disposed can be easily acquired, once the business picks up, once the credibilty  is redeemed . The name and fame which get electrocuted by misbehaviour  and treacherous  traits will not regain the original  sheen , and the luminous lustre. A glass broken is , broken forever , it cannot be aligned once again, however much we  try. So is the reputation. The calculation of wealth   will go down after a sale of an asset. The valuation will diminish , but like a broken  piece of wood can be  mended  back to its original shape by manoeuvring on its tenacity. So is the value of money.

An unrequited adherence to uncertain equations will lead to trouble, will land in fear and will shroud in defamation .

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Peace On Earth.

A wish of peace   so lively,

A thought of peace  so full,

A craving  for peace so deep,

Keeps the earth alive.




An expectation of  cheerful life,

A belief of  practical living,

A theme of  adorable progress,

Keeps the earth moving.



A  theory of frenzied action,

A deliberation of  frantic move,

An apprehension of  chaotic confrontation,

Keeps the earth inert.




A scene of  unjustifiable prediction,

A depiction of  irreversible  prejudice,

A presence of barbaric spectacle,

Keeps the earth  insolent.




A  symbol  of tumultuous  activity,

A significance of  frothing eruption,

A cauldron of  fumigating evolution,

Keeps the earth on  fire.




An expectation of grace,

An  experience of amity,

A  solace  of  compassion,

Will glorify the earth  with Peace.