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A Little More Magnanimity.

A good turn, a kind action , makes you experience bliss

The best in us can be transcribed in many noble deeds and helpful indications.Being good at heart  is a loving  edict. But extending the generosity is a beautiful event.

Many of us are kind . Many of us are compassionate. Many of us are liberal. Many of us are large hearted. These are all but abstract condiments. Feeling is different from doing. Experiencing is alien from performing.

How many of us involve  ourselves in social emancipation?How many of us take up to help the needy? How many of us organise rehabilitation centre for the victims of natural fury?

Well, to engage in such humanitarian consideration, we do need a big background and loads of money.The minimum requirements  are a thought and the impulse to help others. The initiative dwindles , if we do not swing into immediate action. As the desire to help others crystallises  in our mind ,we must jump into it and   execute it. Deliberation leads to procrastination ,which in turn proceeds to denial.

A kind word to a child, a pep talk to an invalid,a caressing touch to a  bruised person, a gentle lead to the  visually challenged, an impressionistic sign language to the  hearing impaired, a writing module for the taciturn, and an allowance to the mentally retarded, will go a long way to create a congenial .carousing environment.

A gentle direction to the physically handicapped, a fresh attestation to the downtrodden, a multiple mandatory affirmation for the depressed ,will evoke a magnificent marvel and an extraordinary exhilaration .

Shall  we all try to effuse a little more magnanimity ,when occasions compel us?


By meenas17

A lover of classical Carnatic music.
An avid reader, passionate writer, into stocks and investments for livelihood

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