Daily Archives: February 4, 2009

Admire The Taxpayer

Bankers are the heroes of capitalism.Taxpayers are the saviours of the same concept.

The banks collapse has become a weekly event. Every Friday ,we hear about a failure. Fridays can be termed as Collapse Friday ,similar to Ash Wednesday.

This trend of failures and gloom have haunted the world for a period of  a year and a half.To supplement the immense losses made by the Banking geniuses, the taxpayers are entrapped..The government is pushing out a bail out plan to rescue the privately run financial institutions. So public money goes into private equities but without any ownership, without any control, without any regulation.

Does it not sound odd? Does it not appear ridiculous? Does it not look out of context?Does it not indirectly hint that the administration is favouring the private bosses?

Well, we have to as a  tax payer, put up with all these irregularities, endure the seemingly fair proposition which is virtually a drab on our finance.The subsidy, as shown,  by the government in the form of  valuation models,not as market price will fetch the stockholder and the tax payer  virtusllynothing, exactly a zero in value.

Obama’s outrage over the subject of bonus, also is  an apparent mis guided tempo. His stern voice is taken as  whimper by the Wall Street bourgeoise.It  is not a serious call, but a pretentious announcement.A suuccessful banker wants to share the profits,  likes to get a percentage for his hard work. It is a valid desire.The same banker, when his institution makes loss, does not want to accept the failure. If he volunteers to share in the loss and gives back a percentage for non performance, he should be sanctified.Will any of the high ranked officials offer to do so? The burden falls on the tax payer’s shoulder.

The Tax payer’s tolerance ,stoicism. and mental maturity has to be eulogised