awareness Poetry

The Strange Poem

The writing is strange

the style is stranger

the words are archaic

the structure strangest.

The poem struck me.

I  read it again

then again and again

sounded very genuine.

The style as such was different

not very coherent

but  seemed to be a melody

rhapsodical and

The words are simple

could be  understood easily

they are there with an ease

very cordial and pleasant.

The strangeness I find

both in words and style

add up to the charm

quaint and enlivening.

The poem elicits a grandeur

modelled on a structure

ordinary yet extraordinary

great and celestial.

Strange goes with divine

as it hovers round the unknown

a halo perhaps unseen

strange-attractor-crop an awareness of a bliss.


The Malls And Shops

The shops do roll  out

fascinations great and lovely

with a host of new arrivals

and a stock of  traditional

catering to the category

that of fashionable and customary

inviting  customers old and new

caring for them with full heart

extending a warm cordiality

that be lacking in malls

where  sales  become mechanical

with sales persons work for commissions

that be more the volume of images (44)images (43) sales

there be increase in their pay pack

as money takes the cue with strength

the one to one affinity gets back

just a mechanical process

bereft of  gestures fine.







Scratching The Head.

Upon a tree
sat a monkey
scratching her head
There came two other monkeys
might be her friends for long.
They had a reliable chat
with voice raising high
interrupted by a guffaw
intercepted by gestures
including humour and feelings
as well as love and tales
It was nice to watch them
Amonkey on a treelmost half an hour passed
taking not my eyes from them
followed their talk
could make nothing out
but could understand
that there was a bondage
strong and lasting
kept them in terms
without much trepidation.
Slightly off the track
I thought of men
not very appropriate at this time
but could not stop comparing
as men could not prolong
with such affinity
not able to connect so affably
Thinking so, I turned back
scratching my head.

Actions Love Poem

The Mysterious Donor

Smiling the two-year old waved at everyone
She was relaxing in a pram soliciting one by one
She with rosy lips and dimple chin gestured
lovely,pram calling all to her.

A grand looking lady took her hand
she ran her fingers through the curly strand
carefully adjusted her slipping band
placed a gift and walked away .

The mother saw the gift expensive.
wanting to know the giver she sat down pensive.
The little one played happily with the toy
unaware of her mother’s turmoil.

Pushing the pram she moved through the crowd
disturbed she walked slowly mumbling loud .
putting things together she was able to unravel the mystery
The donor was none other than her estranged mother.

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Colour Red.

Colours give a fantastic splash,

Red, they say is a sign of danger,

It goes with fire and blood,

it also aligns with anger,

It is sometimes eye-catching,

With an association of shades,

A lighter red is most attractive,

Elucidating a charm and desire,

Warming up to a cordiality,

Indicating  a significant good will,

Well ,this is how we could talk of other colours too.