The Dull

The dull weather around

little sun and little warmth

very sultry at times

humid all through

calls for a walk around

Walk to the aisle

stand there for a moment

look across the garden

that seems duller still

leaves droop and grass dry.

Return to the patio

sit there with a book

peruse the pages

they appear dullest of all

push the book away .

Lie down on the bed

eyes stuck to the roof

a picture traverses the mind

very prosaic and uninteresting

slumber escapes in a way.

The dull I say

abounds and overwhelms

sadness descends slowly

know not why it happens?

an uneasiness prevails all day.



The Malls And Shops

The shops do roll  out

fascinations great and lovely

with a host of new arrivals

and a stock of  traditional

catering to the category

that of fashionable and customary

inviting  customers old and new

caring for them with full heart

extending a warm cordiality

that be lacking in malls

where  sales  become mechanical

with sales persons work for commissions

that be more the volume of images (44)images (43) sales

there be increase in their pay pack

as money takes the cue with strength

the one to one affinity gets back

just a mechanical process

bereft of  gestures fine.







The Warmth As Felt

The luke warm silence irked

The tepid warmth galvanised.

The extra warmth scathed.

The continuous warmth  flared.

Well, that has been the way warmth shows

pleasant, exhausted and tedious

causing a vulnerability to a suffering

a perspiration in the  anvil

and a frothing in the process.

The warmth being allegorically referred

as though it is a cordiality in the offing

and an embrace in the flowing

but it is also a feeling of hotness

where the mind erupts gradually

directing towards an indifference




The Weatherly Distractions.

With rains playing truant

with the sun shining high in a vivant

the place looks deserted and deviant

with no greenery and verdant

as the trees have dried  and look scary

leaves have turned yellow and appear weary

people look exhausted  and cheerless

sweltering in heat and  helpless

perspiring greatly fuming and frothing

well, the global warming

has played the havoc greatly

making the fertile land a desert instantly

and a desert still worse immediately.images