awareness Poetry

The Strange Poem

The writing is strange

the style is stranger

the words are archaic

the structure strangest.

The poem struck me.

I  read it again

then again and again

sounded very genuine.

The style as such was different

not very coherent

but  seemed to be a melody

rhapsodical and

The words are simple

could be  understood easily

they are there with an ease

very cordial and pleasant.

The strangeness I find

both in words and style

add up to the charm

quaint and enlivening.

The poem elicits a grandeur

modelled on a structure

ordinary yet extraordinary

great and celestial.

Strange goes with divine

as it hovers round the unknown

a halo perhaps unseen

strange-attractor-crop an awareness of a bliss.


The Wind

A calm wind
flew through from the hind
in an engulf

The pleasure experienced
was beyond any feel described
a comfort nap-time non pareil.


The Warmth As Felt

The luke warm silence irked

The tepid warmth galvanised.

The extra warmth scathed.

The continuous warmth  flared.

Well, that has been the way warmth shows

pleasant, exhausted and tedious

causing a vulnerability to a suffering

a perspiration in the  anvil

and a frothing in the process.

The warmth being allegorically referred

as though it is a cordiality in the offing

and an embrace in the flowing

but it is also a feeling of hotness

where the mind erupts gradually

directing towards an indifference




August From Caeser

August is a lovely month
though being eighth month
a number repelled by many
it has a pleasantness
that none other months possess.
In arid regions it is moderate
In the cold countries
it is the most beautiful
with flowers colourful
and weather fair full of warmth.
The hemispheres north and south
do have temperate climate
as August deals out in rate
an august cordiality
with a whistling of breeze softly
along with rains pouring gently
like showers lively and sleek
while the sun plays hide and seek
as the children all over the world
play out imbibing lot of wealth untold
through sunshine and fresh air
which enhances their colour to fair
boosting their energy and stamina
as they extend an array of vitamin
that make them cherubic and robust.
Then name derived from great Augustus CaeAugustusAugustser
August extols an immaculate pleasure.


The Memories.

Memories get ahead with the time.
They get into the oblivion in no time.
Till some do live in the mind
finding hard to get them out of the mind.

The lurking memories are somewhat pleasant
giving us a rush back decent.
Certain others deal with pain
as they harp on issues in strain.

These memories keep us alive
else we would be phantoms of believe
walking like ghosts in the world
with nothing to hold.

The thoughts of the past
send us a revival in a cast
gathering the events won the spot
enacting them on the mind slot.

Well, if memory fails all of a sudden
turning us into vegetables making us a burden
With that we have to live knowing nothing
and passing on soon into infinity as all other Shared Memories Imagethings.

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Going Crazy Over Green.


It is a pleasant green that sobers.
It is a bright green that enhances.
It is a soft green that modulates.
It is a striking green that confers.
It is a light green that confides.
It is a silky green that yearns.
It is lush green that attracts.
The love for green holds so much
The craze for green acts too much.
The feel for green breathes very much.
The appearance of green strikes much.
The desire for green incites much more.
Praising green is a call impressing much once more.






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Green Call.

greenIt is a green valley.

Green grass shines  all the way.

Green leaves  glitter round the bay.

Green hedges have a lovely say.


Green signifies prosperity.

Greens  deliver immunity.

Green indicates get ready.

Green   triggers growth steady.


It is the lush green that brings  cheer.

It s the lively green that drops  dear.

It is the bottle green that attracts all near.

It is the leaf green that  expresses nothing to fear.


So much so green greets  all  .

Green  carries an enthusiastic call.

Green  sets the tune  of a  crawl.

Green gives an impetus  without a brawl..














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Dash Out

The school bell rang for the day,

The children scrambled fast in a gay,

 They packed their bags in a fray,

 Then ran out of the campus like a ray,

The movement resembled a lively dash out.


The curtains came down on the stage,

The play was about the medieval age,

The enactment was of an eloquent engage,

There was a loud ovation of a great range,

The dispersal reflected  a pleasant dash out.


There was an agitation in the town,

The agitators shouted in a high tone,

It was a protest distinctively shown,

The Police dispersed them with a firm  foot down,

The confusion led  to a ghastly dash out.


A sudden fire broke out in a high raised building,

The red tongs blew fiercely  unyielding,

The inmates  scuttled up and down wailing,

The fire fighters were desperately struggling,

The precipitated race was a panic dash out.


Dash outs are both pleasant and hurried,

They pronounce an acceleration scurried,

They are  fast momentum unusually levied,

Expressing at times a cheer of high breed,

Extending mostly a fear of tensed creed.










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The Placid Afternoon.

It is a  very pleasant midday,

The sun plays hide and seek all day,

The wind modulates gently in a sway,

Making everyone gay.


Sitting in the patio a while,

Watching the scenery in  style,

Anecdotes pop up from the mind’s file,

Bringing about a lovely smile.


It was enchantingly peaceful,

Extending a relaxation bountiful,

It is needed to stimulate the system in full,

It is an inspiration kindling the hopeful.






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Looks Are Too Many

Looks are many so many,

Calling for a penny,

Looks are different very different,

Posing an under current.

Looks  take a bird  tone and  an animal  clue,

Expressing a   sensation in queue


First comes the pleasant look,

With a smile and poise,

Next treks in a  beautiful look,

With a glamour and grace 

Then comes  in a seductive look,

With a provoke and blaze.


The  Ravenous looks are zealous,

Attributing  a rapacious insinuation,

The Eagle looks are horrendous,

Ascribing to an evil  demonstration

The  Dove looks are melodious,

Gathering a sweet  inclination.



The look of a Lion interprets majesty,

The look of a  Tiger indicates fury,

The look of  a wolf  emits  treachery,

The look of a rabbit exhibits timidity,

The look of a monkey elaborates truancy.



The individual  expressions of birds and animals,

Transcribe and translate in Man’s eye ,

Reflecting his intentions and intonations,

Be it royal, furious,  seductive and pleasant,

Compiling a record of looks too many.