A Lily

It is a lily

white and lovely

pretty and dainty

dangles in the sun

causes a lot of fun

enjoyable to look at

a pleasure to watch at

a  flower not very catchy

expresses a nature gritty

being solemn and  pure all through

as white stands for all that is true.rain-lily-128108132-resized




A Doll

She a doll
in looks and in thoughts
innocent and ignorant doll


Nothing More Pretty Much

Nothing much I find in writing

Nothing much i write about.

Nothing much I do think of.

Nothing much I learn also.

Pdownload (4)retty much I live as I am

not bothered about name and fame

Pretty much i stand alone

not wanting to get into the crowd.

Well that much I can say about me

as I having nothing more to reveal.


Betty’s Treaty

She has an eye for beauty.

likes things pretty

treasures them in her kitty

goes on hunting for  nicety

keeps on buying them in  density

preserves them with an intensity

cherishes them with an affinity

her name  is Betty

and she looks dainty





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Going Crazy Over Green.


It is a pleasant green that sobers.
It is a bright green that enhances.
It is a soft green that modulates.
It is a striking green that confers.
It is a light green that confides.
It is a silky green that yearns.
It is lush green that attracts.
The love for green holds so much
The craze for green acts too much.
The feel for green breathes very much.
The appearance of green strikes much.
The desire for green incites much more.
Praising green is a call impressing much once more.