The Mellowed Glow.

A little while ago
saw my friend after ages
resembling something of an ago
frail,thin worn out in stages

She a beauty in her younger days
a lively elegance in every way
with startling looks and sparkling face
was a cynosure of all eyes those days.

Age cannot wither her say some
but age has tarnished her most
with her appearance turned gruesome
but her traits were the same almost.

Looking at her from far away
does not work out well
but in close up sway
she is the same in all tell

Her external would have lost its sheen
eroded by the passage of time
but her mind and thought are clean
acting and interacting in perfect rhyme.

She spoke so sweetly with grace.
Her old charm very much in force
The measured voice being the base
talking and referring from the bestmellow glow source.

Age has mellowed her to the core
Her beauty also has attained a glow
with the lustre turning into wisdom
she maintains her going in a flow.

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Playing Deceptive-

Yonder, I see a beautiful person,

Getting near I rely on reason,

Beauty is not in the eye, I feel

It is found in the  benign act,I seal.


The deceptive looks  deduce a confound.

The sweet smile is actually range bound.

It is a treacherous facility that abounds

Forecasting a terrible tumble  aground.


Never be carried away by outward show.

It would lead to a disastrous flow.

The hideous face hides  itself in a profile low.

Waiting for a chance to strike  a severe blow.


The blow does not injure the physical limbs.

It would strike deadly on the heart’s rims.

Extracting every sinew of the nerves to the brim.

Inducting a ghastly bloody wound plausibly grim.


Light heartedly, they  go about in joyful excitement.

Revelling in the mirth of having struck the target vehement.

One day they would repent for their wicked ploy in indictment.

And endure a harsh curse and drastic swear all in a predicament



Actions Beauty Looks subscriptions thoughts

Looks Are Too Many

Looks are many so many,

Calling for a penny,

Looks are different very different,

Posing an under current.

Looks  take a bird  tone and  an animal  clue,

Expressing a   sensation in queue


First comes the pleasant look,

With a smile and poise,

Next treks in a  beautiful look,

With a glamour and grace 

Then comes  in a seductive look,

With a provoke and blaze.


The  Ravenous looks are zealous,

Attributing  a rapacious insinuation,

The Eagle looks are horrendous,

Ascribing to an evil  demonstration

The  Dove looks are melodious,

Gathering a sweet  inclination.



The look of a Lion interprets majesty,

The look of a  Tiger indicates fury,

The look of  a wolf  emits  treachery,

The look of a rabbit exhibits timidity,

The look of a monkey elaborates truancy.



The individual  expressions of birds and animals,

Transcribe and translate in Man’s eye ,

Reflecting his intentions and intonations,

Be it royal, furious,  seductive and pleasant,

Compiling a record of looks too many.