Poetry thoughts

Another Day More.

Another day more

with the sun rise

and a sun set

work and sleep

intervened by happenings

could make you happy

would make yo unhappy

the day that was

the day that is

the day that would  be

look more or less alike

but for the age

of you and of me

increases with a mark

a sag and a wrinkle

greying and a wobbling

as you walk towards the destination.





Sundays Are My Days.

Sundays are never dull

as I have the day in full

I sit and stand then and there

I read and write when and where

I eat and drink as much as I can

I bathe and dry up without a ban

I sleep and dream many a time in the span

I lie in my  bed under the big  fan

that be how I spend the day

the day being none other than a Sunday.orkut-sunday-scraps-03


Sleep All Gay

sleepSitting upright

I feel alright

I stretch back

I feel the pain in the back

I lie down

I am totally down

I might sound unfamiliar

that be the most similar

as I suffer likewise

all these days otherwise

I would be asleep most of the day

all robust and gay.

afternoon morning Poetry

My Day In Bed

night dutyWoke up in the morning

was up in the bed for a moment

slid back on the bed

dozed off for the rest of the morning

got up again in the early afternoon

stayed in the bed for a second

slid back on the bed

slept off the whole afternoon

evening came in a few hours

the sun was settling down

woke up again for the third time

sat up in the bed for a moment

slid back once more on the bed

was fast asleep the rest of the evening

hurriedly jumped out of the bed

ran to have a quick shower

dressed up and ran to the door

jogged down the aisle

drove the car in full speed

entered my office in a wink

I am working night this week.

delude eludes hasten Poetry procrastinate


Sleep eludes

It used to delude

now it escapes

it used to engulf

now it procrastinates

it used to hasten

now it is not the case

it was once in a chase

well, there is a difference

great and small in reference

I like to sleep now.

it eludes, I do not know.

Poetry Untimely.

The Untimely Call

The morning calls so often

makes me jittery

with eyes half open

get up hastily

stretch  the hands lazily

pick up with a reluctance

speak with no indulgence

whoever it might be

having lost the glee

the sleep early in the morning

and a wake up with a yawning

keeps me in cheer the whole day

lost now by this untimely call.

untimeliness in any way

provokes a fury all call

forgetfullness. Poetry

Not A Penny.

Part of the way

I went in a bus

with not many a person

a four  or five altogether

absolutely no sound whatever

reclined  and dozed off

the breeze lulled me to a siesta

past the town I had to get down

the fellow passengers had alighted

I was the one left out

the driver sped ahead

the bus entered the busiest town

had to slow down to negotiate

perspiring I woke up

found that I had travelled very  far

straightened  I in a hurry

ashamed of my carelessness

got down with an awkward smile

the driver cast a  knowing glance

happens these things to me now

not once but in occasions more

reasons could be varied

I detest to examine Neck_pillows_in_action

as they are  worth not a penny

accounting ally. diligence Poetry

One, Two And Three

It was an afternoon
with a sleep all too soon
sat on to work with accounts
went mostly wrong in all counts.

One, two, three I counted diligently
skipped the four inadvertently
added up the credit and debit together
could not tally both altogether.

To fight sleep with a power
I quickly had a shower
came I fresh on to my work again
settled into the pattern of gain.

Did I say gain? that be in a hurry
it was profit and loss both wary.
I fumbled and struggled totally
Accounts are never my ally.

Abandoning the accounts I slept
sound as ever in great depth
came the numbers one, two and three
enough toscr-small-business-accounting-software nag me in a spree.

mystic Poetry

Dark As it Holds -3

If sleep be the case

would descend in phase

with or without light

slumber folds one slight

when at work or at ease

it might sound a tease

sleep is also a mystic

when at travel or at static

sleep does connote

a long one in the note

where eternity is a float

while darkness enters

without any falter

ensuring a conclusion

endorsing a no return

a defesleepnce of darkness

seems a cry in a wilderness.


The Dull

The dull weather around

little sun and little warmth

very sultry at times

humid all through

calls for a walk around

Walk to the aisle

stand there for a moment

look across the garden

that seems duller still

leaves droop and grass dry.

Return to the patio

sit there with a book

peruse the pages

they appear dullest of all

push the book away .

Lie down on the bed

eyes stuck to the roof

a picture traverses the mind

very prosaic and uninteresting

slumber escapes in a way.

The dull I say

abounds and overwhelms

sadness descends slowly

know not why it happens?

an uneasiness prevails all day.