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Another New Year.

Fire crackersDays of toil stroll ahead.

hours of work mount up.

years of labour fold again.

as the New Year embarks.


Each day is  new.

every hour is fresh.

all years are delightful

as yet another  New Year creeps in.


Looking  back brings pain and joy

forging headway  shows task and ease

past and present  deliver loss and gain

as one more New Year is born.


 Fire crackers   resound in the sky.

The revelry breaks the placidity of the space,

 as they  sound a little odd and snobbish.

With that another New Year  emerges.


Celebrations  create a significant  noise.

Partying  and dancing take the toll

as expenditure  multiplies geometrically

the New Year barges in with a bang.



Appreciating  every minute for its value

Accepting  every hour as precious

Counts up to admit every year as precious

unmindful of the New Year or not.


Let  this be the underlying principle

Let this be the basis of welcoming

each hour and every minute

besides greeting the New year vociferously.












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Myriad Inclusions.

myriadA message it was

spreading peace and love.

A message it was

calling for unity and understanding.

A message it was

intending to bring cheer and comfort.

A message it was

inviting good will and harmony.

A message it was

rendering help and assistance.

A  message it was

looking out for happiness and joy.

A message it was

proclaiming  victory and triumph.

A message it was

expressed in poetic felicity. 

sent across during New year’s eve. 

A message that wishes

an unflinching attention.

A message that seems

to  be a gospel.

A message that pronounces

truth and reverence.

A message that reverberates

all throughout.








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Opening Out

The year which  has come  out,

Will have to make a sprout,

Gradually and firmly  cut out,

A planned   graphic blow out,

Forging an amiable stand out,

As there is a need for a break out,

Of prosperity and cheer all  throughout.

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Winding Up

It is an end of a  decade,

Which let down  the economy defaced,

As thousands of scams surfaced,

Indicating a recession unfazed.



It saw a collapse of banks,

All in rows and ranks,

It underwent a  series of cranks,

As  schemes  created pranks.



The commodities played truant,

Stocks moved across errant,

Currency fluctuation was apparent,

Striking a deadly blow on the economy rampant.



It  also bore a crisis of unemployment,

Experiencing a lot of jobless deportment,

Rendering a gross disenchantment,

As there existed a pack of resentment.



It is  a ten years of sadness,

Which calls for an austere  artfulness

Resuming a consistent gracefulness,

In operating the finances  with appropriateness.



With this  deliberate determination,

The new decade  opens  in celebrations,

Reclining on considerations and contributions,

Towards the progress of economic  promotions.