A Farewell And A Welcome

The day is about to close

the year follows too

the episodes that rose

hold us in  blue

the incidents that happened

release an amazement

the floods and  quakes  dampen

create an estrangement

the killings and death of innocent

cause a flutter and grief

the migration we see in the recent

force us to sigh and heave

days were pleasant in a way

crowded by cheer and goodwill

days were horrible in  a way

swarmed  by apprehension and  ill will

the year went through in  fits and starts

punctuated by good and bad

it rolled on without a break from the start

no matter be it happy and sad

another year is ready to enter the arena

be it a better one than the past

let us all greet and welcome 2016 with a stamina

we know red_rosehope enlivens and invigorates fast.






My Dearest Friend

rainsI had an unexpected guest
who always put me to test
she would drench me with showers
if she is in a mood not terse.

The friend of mine came all so quick
could not believe her as she was up to trick
wondered what brought her here all of a sudden
she was always an entertainer never a burden.

I rushed towards her with happiness wrought in my face
took her by my hand and tried to embrace her with grace
she escaped from me and dodged playfully
delighted I stood gazing cheerfully.

She was with me for one and a half hour
she went through enlivening each flower
which blossomed as soon as she touched the petals
her entry brought mirth in total.

The friend of mine could be a friend of you too
she is a lovely person which is nothing but true
I begged her to come every day for an hour and half
as she is rain who acts for prosperity on behalf.


Greatly Done.

It is a greeting

early in the morning

coming with a singing

with a voice ringing

giving  out in spacing

that of great welcoming

iwelcomean invitation to gracing

well that is encouraging

very truly loving

and greatly endearing.



Going Without Rains.

Going without rains for the past month
the land got dry and parched
There was rain a few hours back
It was not copious but more than a drizzle.
The trees had a lively shower which made them look fresh
as the moth and dirt gathered got washed away.
The leaves looked greener and gleamed in the sunshine
which before were in disarray and dust laden.
The mild rains gave a great joy to one and all
While the people rejoiced the coolness it granted for a while
the birds cried in mirth seeing the slight rainsmild rains pouring intensely.
It was a break, a welcome break from the rigorous sun and oppressing humidity
which prevailed all throughout the month creating a want of not to live.

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Another New Year.

Fire crackersDays of toil stroll ahead.

hours of work mount up.

years of labour fold again.

as the New Year embarks.


Each day is  new.

every hour is fresh.

all years are delightful

as yet another  New Year creeps in.


Looking  back brings pain and joy

forging headway  shows task and ease

past and present  deliver loss and gain

as one more New Year is born.


 Fire crackers   resound in the sky.

The revelry breaks the placidity of the space,

 as they  sound a little odd and snobbish.

With that another New Year  emerges.


Celebrations  create a significant  noise.

Partying  and dancing take the toll

as expenditure  multiplies geometrically

the New Year barges in with a bang.



Appreciating  every minute for its value

Accepting  every hour as precious

Counts up to admit every year as precious

unmindful of the New Year or not.


Let  this be the underlying principle

Let this be the basis of welcoming

each hour and every minute

besides greeting the New year vociferously.