celebration Poetry splendour

The Eve Of Diwali

The eve of the festival

there is a celebration

the rush in transport

being in trains and buses

overwhelm with  the crowd

roads see heavy  thoroughfare

vehicles ply up and down

children on the way to meet the parents

parents await the arrival of their offsprings

go to pick them from the railway stations

others to the bus stations all agog

few to the airports to receive

beinghappy Diwali a celebration of splendour

illumination with oil lamps adorn the houses

the crackers explode and there is mirth all around

a beautiful evening all the more

with  love sealed by gifts

with blessings renewed with presentations

Compassion desire Evolution Experience feelings fresh Interpretation Message Poem thoughts Wish

Myriad Inclusions.

myriadA message it was

spreading peace and love.

A message it was

calling for unity and understanding.

A message it was

intending to bring cheer and comfort.

A message it was

inviting good will and harmony.

A message it was

rendering help and assistance.

A  message it was

looking out for happiness and joy.

A message it was

proclaiming  victory and triumph.

A message it was

expressed in poetic felicity. 

sent across during New year’s eve. 

A message that wishes

an unflinching attention.

A message that seems

to  be a gospel.

A message that pronounces

truth and reverence.

A message that reverberates

all throughout.