Thrown Away

I sit a long way away
my children in continents
not the same but different
not in the same hemisphere
one in the north up above
the other in the south down below
the third one in the centerworld
and I a little further towards east
all of us thrown all over the world
seems interesting in a way
never too easy to move about
pangs of separation haunts most
should have visa to see each other
what a life I am into in a stroke
I bemoan and curse myself
the world has become global
the travel still holds tight
regulations takes the toll
commercials find their way
humanity remains stranded.


Humanity And Humility

Where there be humanity?
there be not found humilitymuch humility
there be only impertinent authority


Blasts and After.

Had a scintillating start
in a most eventful day
while it was getting high
there was a blast
that brought a silence
a piquant silence
knowing not what to do
and from where it came from
there was a deadly inertness
and the program came to a halt.
People ran from one end to the other
dashing against each other
tumbling over one another
pulling the tables and chairs
upside down to a chaotic motion
speeding for their life
While there was a mad exodus
another blastFrench-Apartment-Building-Collapses was heard
and the building started to give way
cracking down and falling into crumbles.
There was a debris to clear up the next day
hoping no life loss would be ahead
as the first shot was a signal to clear off.
Anyhow there arouse an unpleasant feeling
and an expression of dismay and fear got headway
making one to lose faith in humanityon the whole.

Actions Anger Compassion Experience feelings shame. thoughts

Let Thou Rest In Peace.- Nirbhaya

An untimely ride took her life away.
She went to a movie with her boy friend anyway.
Had she kept her timing right away?
She would not have suffered in the pathway.

Students of Delhi unite to protest.
Their rising put the government to a test.
The Medical world gave her the best.
Yet she died and was put to rest.

The physical injury she experienced was terrifying.
The violent attack on her was horrifying.
The picture of the poor girl in death-bed was frightening.
The whole affair gives an unprecedented trembling.

The manhandling of girls is universal.
The pain and shame are beyond redressal.
The shameful attempts are multiplying in progression geometrical.
Most lay buried deep in cohesive bustle.

When would all these atrocities come to an end?
The act forces every head to bow down and bend.
None of us could pass on the blame to a different send.
We,as a tribe, have to ruefully accept and mend.